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Why don’t cats have brown eyes? April 26, 2008

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Admiring the huge, adorable, clueless, seagreen eyes of our cat Linus the other day, it struck our friend Ben that, of all the cats I’ve ever known or seen (and trust me, I’ve been to my share of cat shows), I’ve never seen one with brown eyes. Orange, amber, yellow, every shade of green, blue, even violet (Liz Taylor, eat your heart out)—yes. But brown? Never.

As you all know from high-school biology, brown is the most common eye color. With very rare exceptions (usually among Huskies and Australian shepherds), dogs have brown eyes, though they range from near-black through chocolate to red-brown like our golden retriever Molly’s beautiful eyes. Cows? Brown. Horses? Brown. Guinea pigs? Brown. A quick chat with our friend Ben’s good friend Google puts the number of humans with brown eyes between 85 and 95%. So what’s the deal with cats?! If you know, please help our friend Ben out here.

Our friend Ben unearthed some fascinating data about human eye color while checking the stats for this. Our friend Ben’s eyes are blue, which as you’ll also recall from those high-school biology lessons is a recessive trait, so it can easily disappear if a more dominant color is present in either parent. But even so, our friend Ben didn’t realize that blue eyes are disappearing from the American scene until I read an article called “Don’t it make your blue eyes brown?” that originally appeared in the Boston Globe in October 2006. This article tracks the relatively abrupt and extremely steep decline in blue eye color in the U.S. over the past century, and gives some compelling reasons why it’s happening. The research was done by, of all things, an epidemiologist, which makes our friend Ben wonder whether I should now consider myself an endangered species or a highly contagious disease. Apparently, the highest percentage of blue eyes in the U.S. can now be found in nursing homes, and within another couple of generations, they may disappear from the scene entirely.

But this was only the beginning of the astonishing things our friend Ben turned up. Thanks to genetics, scientists have determined that all blue-eyed people are descended from a single ancestor who lived between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. Before the genetic mutation that gave him blue eyes, apparently all human eyes were brown. If you have blue eyes today, you also have this genetic mutation. Wow. In the millions of years of human history, 6,000 years seems like an eyeblink (if you’ll pardon the expression in this context). The authors of the study pointed out that blue eyes are as (relatively) common as they are today because the mutation was apparently a hit. By mediaeval times, blue eyes were considered a sign of beauty and fertility, and blue-eyed women were the most sought-after. Blue eyes had become a reproductive advantage.  

And that’s not all. Scientists have found that, even today, blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women over all others, finding them far more attractive. Studies have shown this to be true not only in the abstract, where the men were asked to select women they found most attractive from a range of faces, but also in real life, where blue-eyed men choose blue-eyed partners much more often than partners with other eye colors. Not only do men with other eye colors not factor eye color into their choices, but blue-eyed women are also colorblind when it comes to choosing partners based on eye color: It isn’t a factor.

Our friend Ben would have simply thought these findings were somewhat curious had I not read on. You see, it’s been our friend Ben’s observation that people in general do tend to find people who look most like them to be most attractive. (Whether this springs from cultural conditioning or simple narcissism, I couldn’t say.) But the authors of this study threw a pitcher of very cold water on our friend Ben’s theory. They concluded that blue-eyed men preferred blue-eyed women because then they could determine their children’s paternity. That is to say, if a child born to a blue-eyed couple did not have blue eyes, then the husband was not the child’s biological father. So marrying blue-eyed women would give blue-eyed men a reproductive advantage in the Darwinian sense. (Of course, the men wouldn’t consciously be aware that this genetic imperative was driving their choice of mates.)

This was all very interesting, but it wasn’t the end of our friend Ben’s discoveries. Yet another article posited that blue-eyed people were considered especially attractive because pale irises allowed others to easily see when one was experiencing pleasure or excitement (in both cases, the pupil dilates). Because these are considered attractive and desirable states (remember those unfortunate women in Regency England who put laudanum drops in their eyes to enlarge their pupils and make themselves more attractive?), being able to see them confers desirability on the person whose eyes are, literally, telling all.

Our friend Ben was reminded of a conversation with a friend in grad school who claimed that he could never tell what our friend Ben was thinking because of my blue eyes. But of course our friend Ben found it much easier to “read” blue and green eyes than the dark eyes of my friend, and a lively debate ensued. In light of all this, our friend Ben would like to dispense a bit of advice: If you have blue eyes, remember that you may be giving away more of your feelings than you think. And if you have dark eyes, you may need to be a bit more demonstrative to let people know how you’re feeling.

One last thing: Blue eyes are not the rarest color. Green eyes are! Only 1 to 3% of the world population has green eyes, and as you’d expect, most of them live in Ireland, where the percentage jumps to 20%. But our friend Ben would bet that in the cat world, green is the dominant hue. It certainly is around here!  



1. Zoe - April 26, 2008

I have green eyes – my OH has blue eyes. I have orange eye cats, green eye cats, blue eye cats and a cat with one green and one brown eye. Sadly she is spayed, so you cant use her genes to change the cat population! Interesting post, reminded me of that Melting pot song from the 1960s/70s.

Hi Zoe! I always wanted a cat with orange eyes–lucky you! My parents and siblings all have green eyes, I’m the only throwback to my mother’s blue-eyed parents. And even my eyes look green if I’m wearing a green tee-shirt!

2. Nancy Bond - April 26, 2008

My cat is white with copper colored eyes. I know I’ve never seen a cat with brown eyes, and I can’t find any examples online. Interesting question! My eyes are true blue without any trace of other color. 🙂 My daughters both have blue eyes as well.

Lucky you–*another* orange/copper-eyed cat owner! Someday, I’ll have a calico or buff cat with orange eyes, I swear it. And you know, I’d never even thought about cats not having brown eyes until the other day. But it *is* odd!

3. CeeCee - April 26, 2008

We’ve only had one cat and his eyes are greenish- gold.
The rest of your post had me thinking about my dating years and the man I married. I am blue eyed, came from a long line of blue eyed folks. He is blue eyed with the same history. Hmmm?

I dated all different color eyed guys. The two brown eyed, olive skinned (Jewish and Italian) were what I consider to be beautiful. The other few men were all blue eyed and what I consider handsome. Interesting how I categorize them differently. Technically, my hubby chose me, as he is the one that proposed. Our kids all have blue eyes. Surprise. 🙂

Just to give you more food for thought—I watched a program on the Discovery channel about folks of different nationalities/races. The reason that one race thinks the other race “all look the same” is because there are certain markers that certain races use to differentiate faces. Caucasians (including European nations) use hair color and eye color as visual cues. Most people from African and Asian heritage have dark eyes and dark hair, thus making it difficult for caucasians to tell one person from another in a quick meeting. People of African heritage use other cues–shade of skin, distinct facial features and body features. Our cues are not their cues and vise versa. I ultimately believe that we are drawn to folks from our own village from ancient undercurrents. Unfortunately, we have brought along hatred of other villages because they don’t look like us. You think we’d be past that by now ;(

That’s fascinating, CeeCee, and of course the different cues make sense. The most beautiful person I ever saw was half Welsh and half Pakistani, with deep blue eyes, blue-black hair and dusky skin. Talk about a stunning combination! And yes, darnit, I *would* think we’d have moved on by now. I actually think the impulse to tan is an unconscious attempt to equalize skin color. Too bad those wretched dermatologists had to step in and bring back pasty white!

Charise - May 27, 2014

I ended up at this site because I was searching for any, any at all, pictures of cats with Brown eyes! I have had many cats and only ONE time have I ever seen a cat with Brown eyes – not gold, not orange – I mean Brown -Brown. There were 3 of them huddled together. They were coal black, with very very elongated faces. Their pupils were not dilated like “attack mode” so I know it wasn’t that, because I could see the blackness of their pupils within the brown, and they were not hissing, just very cautious and standoffish. I remember when I looked at them and they looked at me, I knew something was severely “off” because they had Brown eyes. Like some weird kind of instinct or something! Lol So needless to say, I did not attempt to approach them further! That was the only time I’d seen anything like it.

Linda Emordeno Mair - October 1, 2014

I have a calico with dark brown eyes 3 months old! Dark brown!! I knew something was off. Till i told people! That someone dropped her at our farm. Very smart and alert.

4. Joy - April 26, 2008

This was a fascinating post “ben” .. I hadn’t thought about cat eye colours on that level. Sophie has beautiful pale blue ones (Siamese influence) Emma .. when I first saw her I was struck dumb in love with her .. she looked like an ancient soul in a little kitten body .. I have had a few cats in my life , wonderful intelligent beauties .. but I have never felt that feeling as I did for Emma .. I love my cats dearly but that was the strangest meeting of souls I have ever encountered.
Right now they are both kittens with this thunder storm .. romping like KIDS ! haha
I have green eyes .. hubby brown .. son, in-between ? .. all of us with Celt blood .. so we are in the mix ? LOL
Great reading … thank you !

Thanks, Joy! And I felt that about Emma, too–I think you have something really special there!

5. Cinj - April 27, 2008

I think every cat I’ve ever had has had green eyes. I love blue eyes in cats. MIL has a dog with one blue and one brown eye. I love eyes, they are the first thing I notice about people (and animals in general).

My Dad’s family is of Swedish decent so most have either blue or green eyes. Dad had blue eyes, Mom has brown, and I have blue-green. They seem to me somewhat hazelish, but no trace of brown, gray, or amber. They look more blue if I’m wearing blue, and more green if I’m wearing green. I think they’re one of my best features. Cheesehead and my kids all have blue eyes as well. Why am I always the oddball?

I love these kind of studies, I was going to teach hs biology before I had a couple of run-ins with undesirable classes and boredom set in. I still like to study science stuff though. Neat info!

Thanks, Cinj! And I agree, it’s not for nothing that they call the eyes the windows of the soul!

6. benjamin - April 27, 2008

What a fascinating read!! Thank you. I am honored to say I have green eyes (but come from eastern european breeding). The other day, while teaching, I was wearing a green and white striped shirt and two students were whispering to each other, looking at me, and one was nodding. I asked “what’s the deal whackos?” (seriously) One student said how my green shirt really brought out my eyes. Automatic “A” for that kid! Or was I being flirted with?

Thanks, Benjamin! It really is amazing what’s out there on the web. Who knew?! And watch out for those students! You should check “Rate My Professors” and see if you have a hotness rating!

7. Lin - April 27, 2008

It is interesting, and perhaps a bit sad, about blue eyes being on the decline. My father, and one of my brothers, have blue eyes (and dark hair–a striking combo). My mom green eyes…me, greenish hazel, 2nd brother…brown. My dh has blue eyes (disputes theory of blue-eyed prefering blue-eyed?)…we have one offspring with blue eyes and one with green/hazel.

My cat (a Siamese) has beautiful blue eyes…dog (Lab) soft brown. I’ve had many cats and, you’re right, never one with brown eyes…always beautiful green, gold, orange or blue.

Well, *I* certainly think it’s sad, Lin! And yes, my mother’s parents and I have/had that blue eyes/dark hair thing going, too. I’ve always liked it. Eye colors are fascinating, aren’t they? I’ve always loved emerald, seagreen, hazel, amber, and red-brown (hot!) as well. Not to mention gold and orange cat eyes!

8. deb - April 28, 2008

Very interesting, but what about hazel? Two of the monkeys have the most beautiful blue/green eyes you have ever seen. Mom has brown, dad has green.

All Manx cats have golden eyes to stare you down with.


I found some very interesting comments on hazel eyes when I was researching this, Deb, but of course now I can’t remember which article they were in–possibly the one on eye color genetics, possibly the Wikipedia piece on eye color. Hmmm. If you’re interested, Google “hazel eyes” and let us know what you turn up! And yes, I too think blue-green eyes are beautiful. (And gold eyes, of course!)

9. Jessica Gordon - May 9, 2008

Interesting article.

I have 3 kitties, 2 with greenish blue eyes and 1 with dark amber eyes.

My entire family has blue eyes: me, my brother, my mom, my dad, mom’s parents, dad’s parents. My fiance has green eyes so our kids will either have blue or green eyes. It’s pretty cool to think that my eye color is getting rarer. I hope we can pass it along pretty far. 😉

I hope so, too, Jessica! Blue eyes forever!!!

10. Susun - May 18, 2008

Well, believe it or not, I adopted a stray kitten yesterday and she has cafe au lait eyes–very definitely light brown. It will be interesting to see if they change as she grows older. I hope not.

I was so fascinated with her eye color, I looked it up on the internet and came across your fascinating article.

Wow, Susun, if you have the techno-savvy (unlike us), please post a photo of your kitten so we can see her beautiful eyes, and let us know what you’ve decided to name her!

11. kristy - June 11, 2008

I actually have two kittens right now with brown eyes. They’re 2 months now, so who knows if they’ll change again.

Wow, Kristy, that’s quite a rarity! What color are they? Please let us know if they keep their brown eyes!

12. Casandra the blue eyed redhead - June 19, 2008

I have a two month old kitten with medium-brown eyes. Her mother had green eyes and her father had gray eyes. She was the only one out of her litter with eyes like that, and other than her eyes, she looks exactly like her mother (black with gold flecks and a black nose and paws). I googled cats with brown eyes, and this came up. I am also proud to say that I have blue eyes, so Apollany(my kitten) and I are both endangered.

Yes, it’s no fun being endangered, is it? Apollany sounds gorgeous.

13. Lisa - June 26, 2008

Well, interesting reads! My own eyes are blue, just like my father’s; his mother’s (his dad had blue too, but ours all match the other side of his family exactly); and his grandfather and beyond… My two black haired sons have blue eyes. One has them just like mine and he came home in 1st grade saying “Ok…Just who is this Elvis guy? Everyone keeps saying I Iook like Elvis.” hahahaha! The other son’s blue eyes are almost more grey-green to the blue so it will be interesting to see if his paternal great grandmother’s green eyes show up after time. My daughter, she has chocolate brown eyes. I always joke to my son that those eyes are family heirlooms. I guess I was more right than I thought…especially if they are getting rarer.

Does anyone have a feel for how common deep amber eyes are in a kitten (3.5 months)? I have one from an adoptive situation and I have never seen such deeply ambered eyes. Wondered if it was more rare. She is not a pedigree or anything, just smart as a whip and gorgeous. Markings are black to deep charcoal/silver with white patches and white whiskers and ear tufts.

Elvis, eh? Oh no! As for deep amber eyes in cats, you usually see them in red cats, and sometimes in buff cats. Yours sounds just gorgeous—I think you’re lucky to have her!

14. Rachel - June 28, 2008

I have green eyes and my cat has brown eyes, so I guess that the two of us are rareties in our own rights!

Right you are, Rachel!

15. Lex - July 19, 2008

ha, I came across this article also looking up brown cat eyes, because My kitten has brown eyes, interesting stuff eh?
and I myself have greyish green eyes…..
I hope her eyes stay brown

I hope they stay brown, too, Lex! That is so unusual!

TMay - May 3, 2012

What color is the kitten now a cat?
Someone I know came across a black eyed Siamese cat and is trying to figure out if it is healthy or sick. She will be taking it to a vet. It appears healthy and is not in any way skinny.
Somewhere I read that a white cat can have dark eyes and Google Images shows that.
I find that this website asked the question about brown eyed cats and then never addressed the subject.

TMay - May 4, 2012

She got a verdict from the vet that the cat is healthy. It is not blind. As a kitten, the vet said that the cat had experienced chronic irritation to its eyes and therefore had corneal pigmentation.
It occurred to me that since humans feed cats that perhaps humans did not like brown or black eyed cats and therefore they fed and gave a Darwinian advantage to cats with blue or green or yellow or amber eyes. Looking this up on the internet people posted that cats with black eyes were demons. (I objected to their postings.) Notice the number of cats who have coloring looking like lines on their forehead as if they are worried. I am sure that that came about because when the cat looked at the human, the human responded to the worried look and helped out the cat in contrast to a human’s response to a cat with coloring that does not indicate worry. Being a black cat in the past gave a Darwinian advantage because predators could not see it. Then a pope in the early Middle Ages said that cats were demons and black cats in particular and Europeans took to killing black cats and cats and that led to the over population of rats and mice which helped spread the Black Death which killed a huge percentage of Europeans. Now we have people driving cars at night and black is not good because drivers don’t see them. Now we have disrespectful scientists creating glow-in-the dark cats, playing around with DNA just for the fun of it, and with our food for profit.

TMay - May 4, 2012

Talking about canards about cats, there is the one about cats sucking the air out of babies which was another superstition that led to maltreatment of cats.
As a teen ager I was once babysitting my nephew. My Siamese cat was present. The baby was sleeping. I heard the baby stop breathing. In the amount of time that it took me to raise my head and look, my Siamese cat who heard the same thing ran across the room and went to the baby to investigate. The baby resumed breathing. (Sleep apnea is what we call it now. ) He is fine. He grew up and is well. Had I not been in the room, had I not witnessed this, had I walked in later to find a non-breathing baby and the cat there I might have jumped to the same conclusion. The cat would have been convicted by circumstantial evidence, when in fact the cat has excellent hearing , better than humans, and was expressing its concern for the baby and was alarmed and alerting me to the fact by its behavior had I not heard it myself.

TMay - May 4, 2012

However, I still would not leave a cat alone in the same bedroom as a baby because some cats can be heavy and babies are small.

Of course at the same time they were persecuting cats over superstitions, they were also persecuting old women who were getting by, living with their cats.

16. beiz - July 28, 2008

As mentioned, I too were browsing for “brown cat eyes”, because it happens that my cat has brown eyes, but I’ve never actually seen any other cat with brown eyes – which made me wonder if there might be something wrong with him, similar to that of white cats with light blue eyes (often deaf).

Anyho, after finishing the article, I saw one error in Ben’s theory:
Genes are “not” dominant as previously believed. Black parents “can” get blond children with blue/green eyes. White parents “can” get children with black skin and black eyes.
This is not because the mother of the child cheated on her husband (although, in many cases, one would definitely suspect something), however this is most often due to their bloodlines.

For example: some of the more arabic oriented countries, where the templar raiders crossed, children are still today born with blue eyes and blonde hair even though their parents are very very dark.

As an additional note: Eye color often creates illusions of personality and properties. For example, green eyes often creates the illusion of high intelligence – so men attracted to intellectual women often strive for those with green eyes (note: by their subconsciousness)

By the way, I have dark blue eyes, all the women I’ve been with has had green eyes, but I’m mainly attracted to asian women – So I’m personally considering all this just mumbo jumbo 😀

Thanks for all these insights. How fascinating! I hadn’t heard that about green eyes being linked to high intelligence. Wonder if I should feel jealous now because I have blue eyes but my parents and siblings’ eyes are all green?!!

17. Todd Jester - July 29, 2008

We recently had a litter of cats born to a Female “Snow Shoe” (all Black except with Gloves and Go-Go Boots on the back.) and the Father was a n unknown Stray. We picked the female up, freezing in the Winter and she had Five Kittens on Easter Morning. She has GOLD eyes. All Five of her Kittens have Lovely BROWN EYES! Also Interesting, The Kittens are a really bright, clean looking WHITE except they seem to be waring hats with “Tabby” markings, and a similar “Coat” on their backs, also marked like a Tabby. The rest, all bright White. The coats and hats are a light Grey. The Kittens are nearly adult at this point and there are no signs that the eye color will change, they are a beautiful Brown. We had NEVER seen a Brown Eyed Cat before, which is why we came upon this site. Apparently, it does happen, but it must be VERY rare!

Wow—a whole litter! They sound gorgeous!

18. sarah - September 21, 2008

my rescued black cat had beautiful brown eyes like mine as a kitten, which is why i was drawn to him. sadly, they changed to yellow in a matter of months. i do believe we are attracted to what we find in ourselves, myself having brown eyes and black hair.
i still love him despite the yellow eyes, though.

Good point, Sarah! And I certainly think it holds when admiring the appearance of other people, especially of the opposite sex (at least if we like our own coloring)! I’m so glad you’ve had your beloved boy since he was a kitten. Those are special times together!

19. nicola - September 27, 2008

hiya i have a female black cat with brown eyes she is 6 months old i hope they dont change as she is very beautiful thought i would just let you know

How wonderful! I hope she keeps them, too!

20. Lili - October 24, 2008

I have a set of twin kittties, 5 months old, evidently, they are fraternal. Although they both have grey coats, there is one green-eyed boy and one brown-eyed girl! I too have never seen or heard of a brown-eyed cat, so I looked it up and found your interesting article. Perhaps brown is a new genetic emergence in cats? That would be an interesting study, no?

I think that’s an interesting theory and an excellent idea, Lili!

21. flashdark - October 30, 2008

My one-year-old tortie tabby has light brown eyes–about the same color as coffee with milk. (And sometimes the sunlight will make them iridesce the most beautiful green.) I suppose her eye color is really a mix of normal black-cat green and orange-cat orange, but solid brown is what it looks like.

Come to think of it, why don’t you ever see cat eyes with an obvious tortie pattern?

Your tortie tabby sounds beautiful, flashdark! Hmmm. I wonder if there are any cats with differently colored eyes, say, one green or gold and one orange, much like Border collies or huskies with one blue and one brown eye? Certainly I’ve never seen one!

22. blueelm - November 23, 2008

I just found this while looking up brown eyed cats because I have one. I have a plain black kitten that was taken from a litter of unexpected kittens. The mother has copper eyes, and the father is unknown (probably green eyes). I thought my kitten’s eyes were particularly pretty, but I didn’t know why until a friend saw him and said “I’ve never seen a brown-eyed cat before!” His eyes are a subtle mix of dark green and orange. However in most light they simply look soft brown, sort of like caramel.

Personally, I come from a long line of green-eyed people on both sides. Not surprisingly, I married a green-eyed man. Although I’ve dated people with a range of eye-color I will admit that when I see green eyes I tend to think “pretty.” I don’t know if it’s because of my genes, or because I tend to like things that are uncommon. I think it may be partially the latter, because I particularly like my kitties eyes too 😛

Your kitten sounds beautiful, blueelm! My own mother, father, sister, and brother all have green eyes (I’m the only blue-eyed one in the family), so I know how pretty they are. Mysterious, too! There always seems to be a bit of intrigue lurking behind those green eyes…

23. Jenna Shiverdecker - December 30, 2008

I have a white cat with brown eyes. I came across your blog while researching cats with brown eyes because we have never seen one either until now. If you would like to see a picture let me know.

Thanks, Jenna! Your cat sounds beautiful!

24. jennifer - January 4, 2009

why does my cat have brown eyes?

Sounds like you just lucked out, Jennifer! You’ve got a real rarity there!

25. Debbie - January 31, 2009

I have a 6 mo. old black kitten that looks like it has brown eyes – I call her Brownie. She looks so unusual! The other 4 cats (black) that are around are all green eyed – Brownie is the only cat with the brown eyes – she has yellow tabby sisters with golden eyes, and black sisters with the green.

What a beautiful litter, Debbie! They all sound lovely in their own ways. Brownie must be delightful!

26. Kelly - March 10, 2009

I googled brown-eyed cats because we have a 4 month old kitten with brown eyes.he is gray with white stripes on his top side and has a white belly with gray spots.His fur and eye coloring are something we have never seen before.He is totally hyperactive and always getting in trouble but provides us with hours of entertainment! It was really nice to find this very interesting article;and also the comments.It’s nice to know we don’t have the only brown-eyed cat in the world!

Thanks, Kelly! Your kitten’s markings do sound very unusual, and he sounds like tons of fun. What did you name him?

27. Samantha Perez - March 19, 2009

This was really interesting thanks for the read. I have two cats and i was wondering too why i have never seen a cat with brown eyes.
And to all you blue eyed people don’t worry. I myself have a theory. I think blue eyes are coming back. I have noticed alot of women where i live having kids that are blonde hair and blue eyes and you would not expect that with their traits.

Interesting theory, Samantha! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

28. Michele - April 10, 2009

I have a Maine Coon Cat with brown eyes..first time I have ever seen brown eyes on a cat myself.

Maine coons are my faves, Michele! And I’ve still never seen a cat with brown eyes. You’re lucky to have one!

29. l2plge - May 5, 2009

Blue eyes and blond hair are a result of a mutation from inbreeding – kind of like a lesser form of albinism (a lot of albino populations from every race are inbred). They serve no evolutionary advantage except maybe aesthetic preference (at least not in modern times when people can dye their hair, wear colored contacts and even have surgery to change their eyecolor). It has been proven that people with light hair and eyes are genetically weaker and less fit to survive (which would explain why there are less of them and they are recessive). If evolution is true, then people with dark hair and eyes are genetically stronger and more adaptable. I’m pretty sure nowadays people don’t need to rely on eyecolor for paternity, science is far beyond that. Most likely, blonde hair and light eyes is comparable to flat feet – most people don’t have it, it is kind of a mistake, and they serve no purpose.

If our purpose here is to survive and procreate then the vast majority of dark eyed, dark haired people are winning; thus proving that light eyed, light haired people are genetically inferior.

Light eyes can be beautiful sometimes in the right light, otherwise they look cold and unfriendly. I once dated someone with very pale blue eyes and in certain lighting it looked like all she had was a tiny black pupil (kind of like Data from Star Trek) because her eyes were so light and it scared the shit out of me. I prefer brown eyes because they look very sweet, warm, and innocent.

You’ll get no arguments from me that brown eyes are dominant because they’re more successful! As someone with both blue eyes and flat feet, I guess I’d definitely make your genetic loser list. (Though I will say I’ve never had a problem with either and have never understood why flat feet are considered a drawback.) I had an interesting conversation with a guy I dated in grad school who had gorgeous red-brown eyes. Like you, he said he could never look into a light-eyed person’s eyes and tell what they were thinking (or feeling). He was the first brown-eyed person I’d dated and I was having the same problem with him! I guess it’s just a question of what you’re used to. I find it easier to assess the emotions of light-eyed people precisely because it’s so easy to see their pupils and whether they’re expanding or contracting. But I find all eye colors beautiful, though I’ll confess to a preference for dark hair like mine.

Z - December 12, 2010

wow, what a terrible thing to say about blue eyed people…don’t tell me…your eyes are brown, hahaha…never ask another blue eyed person out…thanks from us all!

TMay - May 3, 2012

While having dark skin in a place with a lot of sun can save one from sunburns and skin cancer, since humans need Vitamin D dark people have a harder time getting the vitamin that they need when they live in places that whites live like Northern Europe that have less sunlight than near the equator, plus culturally some peoples who have moved have cultural norms where women are covered up all the time which cuts down even more on the amount of sunlight they can absorb, and is unhealthy both for mothers and for their children that they give birth to. Doctors are waking up to the fact that this is a problem. So being dark skinned in Africa is a Darwinian advantage and being light skinned in Sweden is a Darwinian advantage. And now that most people are afraid of the sun, and sitting at desk jobs and wearing sunscreen, in the US now most people have a Vit D deficiency and if they were tested they would know it and they would take daily supplements since Vit D is very important to maintain immunity. I disagree with someone’s statement here that white parents or blue eyed parents can have dark skinned or brown eyed children. Inuit have brown eyes but in the past they got Vit D from their fish diet, and they needed the pigment in their eyes to try to protect their eyes from the glare of reflected light off the ice. They had developed their own version of sunglasses to deal with the problem. So for Inuit there was no advantage to being light skinned and blue eyed and a disadvantage to being blue eyed. As well their ancestors were Mongolian so that was their heritage. Traditionally, being blinded by the ice and sun is not a good thing in polar bear country, or where you can take a wrong step and end up in freezing water or get wet in air temperature that is freezing.

TMay - May 4, 2012

This website got me to check further into the question because I had talked from memory. I am now changing part of my answer, the part where I said blue-eyed parents give birth to blue-eyed children. I found a website that explained how it can happen that non- brown- eyed parents can give birth to a brown-eyed child. I read tatsutahime6 ‘s post at

Then I remembered something and I posted a reply to that poster. Here is my reply.
Another possibility occurs to me. Our bodies are not always from one egg as we suppose. I remember a law case where a child was taken away from a mother because the genes showed she was not the mother. Then her other children were taken. She was pregnant when she appeared before the judge. The judge ordered that when she gave birth that there be an observer, a court’s witness, at the time of birth of her child, and swab its cheek and send it in for testing. The witness observed the birth, swabbed the cheek, and the child tested out as not the woman’s child. Then it was discovered that when the mother had been in the womb, that there had been twins and that the bodies had merged and she had her dead twin sister’s uterus and eggs and therefore was giving birth to her nieces and her nephews. The judge ordered that all her children be returned to her. This is from memory therefore maybe not all facts are correct but the important parts are. They then did other studies and found out that a burglar could leave DNA at the scene of the crime which would not match the DNA swab of his cheek for the same absorbed- twin in the womb reason.

Yow! I too have heard of a twin being absorbed by its sibling in the womb. Kinda scary stuff!

30. Jamie - June 23, 2009

I have green eyes, my mom’s are blue and my dad’s are hazel-brown. I just got a kitten today, and he clearly has brown eyes, but I read somewhere that it is because they are changing from his kitten eye color to his adult eye color. I hope they stay brown though, the color of milk chocolate.

I hope they stay brown, too, Jamie! Milk chocolate eyes sound beautiful!

31. E Turner - June 26, 2009

My cat has brown eyes and I can post a picture to prove it.

Please do, we’d love to see it!

32. Teddy Bear - July 10, 2009

I actually came to this page trying to see if cats CAN have brown eyes as 1 of mine actually does!!! She is a dwarf cat and she has chocoloate brown eyes! I’ve never in my 36 yrs seen that before. They are as brown as a dog’s eyes. Gorgeous on a black cat with a white triangle on her neck. So YES, cats can have brown eyes.

Thanks, Teddy bear! She sounds lovely!

33. Marie Pierre - July 19, 2009

Hi. Greetings from the Netherlands.
I have a cute ginger cat (very light) with brown eyes. He is almost one year ‘old’ and his eyes won’t change anymore. But they’re brown as they can be, look at the picture of him staring into the garden: http://www.ilearnit.nl/extras/konijn.jpg

Wow, Marie! He is beautiful, and those amber eyes are spectacular! Thanks for sharing the photo.

TMay - May 3, 2012

2012 : the picture is no longer there.

34. Harriette - August 10, 2009

This is a stupid question. 😛
My cat Lola has two beautiful brown eyes although they’re light brown not the deep dark you get with humans.
I have green eyes 😀

Ha! I read your comment and thought, “But you didn’t ask a question!” Duh! Maybe that’s why it was a stupid question to begin with, since obviously my IQ only rises into the double digits on a warm day! Green eyes are good.

35. blackcat - August 13, 2009

I just adopted 2 black kittens with brown eyes. I had never seen brown eyed cats either. When I googled brown eyed cat I found your post. Incidentally, I have 2 green eyed kids. My husband and I are both brown eyed. Paternity questions? Hmmm….

Ahem, no doubt green eyes are recessive in both families, so they came out when the two of you got together! And your kittens sound gorgeous. We have an all-black German shepherd with brown eyes and think it’s a great combination!

36. jackie j - August 21, 2009

i have a 4 month old tabby kitten who has brown eyes and have no sign of changing.

Lucky you! Your kitten sounds adorable!

37. Mike B - September 1, 2009

I google cats with Brown eyes, and found this article. I have a male 7 month old kitten with Brown eyes. He a tuxedo cat mostly black with a white spot on his chest and paws. I did not know he was a rarity, btw his eyes are getting darker as he gets older.

Good for you, Mike! He sounds like a handsome boy!



38. Rachel - September 11, 2009

My male 3 month old domestic short hair black cat has beautiful brown eyes. I though he looked quite unusual because of them.

He does sound beautiful, Rachel! You’re lucky to have him.

39. Becca - September 17, 2009

I have a buff tabby that I call my “brown-eyed girl”. When we were at the vet the other day he said something about her brown eyes, so I looked them up to see how rare they are. In all honesty they are not the same sort of dark brown one associates with dogs or people. They are more of a deep amber, I think. They are very pretty against her light fur though and I love her whether she’s rare or not :).

As a blonde, blue-eyed person I take a little bit of offense at that guy calling me “less fit to survive”! Both my parents had blue eyes. One was a blonde and the other a red-head. My brother has red hair and blue eyes. I wonder how the opinionated fellow above feels about red-heads?

And incidentally, two blue eyed people can have a brown eyed child. It is just very very rare. My grandparents both had blue eyes and had a son with brown eyes. We know that he was his father’s son because my grandfather also had a rare extra rib, which his son inherited.

I’ve always wanted a buff cat with amber or even glowing orange eyes, Becca. Lucky you!!! And thanks for your insights on the human eye situation. I didn’t know blue-eyed parents could have a brown-eyed child, but since brown is dominant, I guess it makes sense!

40. Yeddy - October 2, 2009

Hello Folks,
I too Googled brown eyed cats and found this site. Since I have been tracing genealogy through DNA I found the info VERY interesting. I have hazel eyes, my husband has blue and our daughter has green. We have a SHINNY black cat (with one white spot on her belly, a few white hairs on ther chest, a couple of white ear hairs and the odd random white hair here and there in the black) that some one dumped here in late March. So we adopted her and she is very timid with really GREEN eyes. About a month and a half ago I saw a kitten with double front paws at a friends and decided to bring it home as a friend for the black one since she really has no concept of how to play (no idea what her first 5 months were like) – our other cat is 18 and likes to eat and sleep. This new kitten fits a previous description = hyper, funny and smart (we have never had one as smart as the black one who I tought to fetch). Anyway, the kitten is 4 months old and has dark amber / topaz eyes. He has bright white front legs, under belly and hind legs with some light grey on the hind legs. He was a twin and the other has a white neck ruff but the white ruff on ours is broken by the dark / light grey which goes down his back. He has one SOLID black stripe down his spine and what I thought would be black tiger stripes overlaying the grey coming out from this black stripe have turned into Leopard spots in a stripe pattern and these spots are black.

Wow, your kitten sounds cool with his leopard spots and big, big paws! Like your black cat, our black German shepherd also has the occasional white hair.

41. Claire - October 14, 2009

Heh, I have a kitten Misha with massive brown eyes..its so pretty. I personally have hazel/orange eyes and my partner has sea green eyes

Oh, wow, Claire, what a gorgeous family, eye-wise, from first to last! My brother has sea-green eyes and I’ve always been jealous! But whoa, hazel-orange eyes! Cool!!! And big-eyed cats are definitely the best!

42. Scott - October 31, 2009

Zulu, my Savannah (F2b), has the most beautiful brown eyes you can imagine. They are a darker shade of brown and the color is very consistent throughout both irises. Once he matured and lost all of the kitten coloring in his eyes I kept noticing how gorgeous Zulu was. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why he was so good looking. The white fur markings around the eye are certainly striking, but that wasn’t it. His spotting, the way his color fades from dark auburn to tan as it travels up the leg; it was not any of these things. It took me forever (or maybe I am just a little slow on the up-take) to realize it was his dark brown eyes. After some investigating, I found out that the African Serval sometimes has ‘caramel’ colored eyes. I can only assume that it is the hybrid nature of the Savannah cat that makes Zulu’s brown eyes possible.

I found this site when I googled ‘brown eyed cats’ and thought I would put my two cents in.

Thanks, Scott! Zulu sounds fantastically gorgeous! I’ll have to check out the Savannah cat so I can see for myself. Wow!

43. Catstar - November 3, 2009

i’ve seen cats with brown eyes. Look at theese pictures.
http://www.freewebs.com/thewayoftheclans/Goldenstream.jpg http://thorg.com/images/cat005.jpg http://static-p4.fotolia.com/jpg/00/13/32/49/400_F_13324988_7sgWeH51N22gbWVktLAXQMrG7P8XFEhC.jpg

These are gorgeous photos, Catstar! Thanks so much for sharing them!!!

44. Evelyn - January 14, 2010

My polydactyl orange tabby, named Hemingway, has georgous cocoa or milk chocolate colored eyes. All of my other cats have had yellow/green eyes.

Hemingway was found in a box in a dumpster at about 4 weeks old. Had blue eyes at the time. He is now nearly 5 months old and I just love his dark eyes. He is a beautiful cat, and judging from the size of his feet, he is going to be a big one when he is finished growing.

Many thanks to you for saving Hemingway, Evelyn!!! His eyes sound beautiful. And you’re right, the polydactyls often end up being big boys (and girls)! I hope you all have a very long, happy life together.

45. lynn keys - February 6, 2010

my mum has a family of cats and one of the young ones has brown eyes where all the others have the usual cat coloured eyes, he is very distinctive looking and they really stand out. we were curious to find out about brown eyed cats as we have never seen one before

I hope your mum keeps her brown-eyed cat, Lynn! I’ve still never seen one!

46. Cassandra Rose - February 28, 2010

I have two cats. One, a calico, with green eyes and the other has orangey green which I thought was very appealing. Their names are Callie the calico and Leo.
My eyes are amber, tawny, golden, copper, bronze. Take your pick. I am currently attracted to a boy with eyes the color of a cerulean sea. I just think his eyes are so radiant. I love my eyes but I also think they are just so common that I sometimes wish I had green eyes like my best friend, Melanie. She just has the most beautiful eyes! I hope you can assure me that I’m not just one of the many?!!

I’ve always wanted a calico cat, Cassandra Rose! (The closest I’ve come so far has been a tortoiseshell Maine coon with white.) As for your eyes, I’ve always thought gold/sherry eyes among the most striking of all!

47. johnessa - March 19, 2010

Hi, um i have a cat that is full BLACK and has big BROWN eyes. I thought it wasnt normal but i love them on her. her eyes really stand out. Her name is Shadow. She has a brother named Ben which is weird because i named him before i saw this. He also has brown eyes . But he is black and white and a little bad ass. Their eyes are as light a mine. They are gorgeous. But then i have a black cat with a big white speck on her crotch. Its hilarious how it looks. She has big green eyes though. I dont know that it is but my two cats are wonderful.

48. jamie - June 3, 2010

My Cat has Brown eyes..shes a calico tourtise shell

Lucky you, Jamie! I’ve always wanted a calico cat. The closest I came was my tortoiseshell Maine coon with white, my beloved Jessie, a beautiful girl with gold eyes. Someday, I hope to have a calico, too!

49. Diane - June 15, 2010

you did not seem to answer the question. Why don’t cat have brown eyes.

That’s an excellent point, Diane! I was asking the question because I myself didn’t know the answer. After hearing from so many people whose cats do have brown eyes, I’ve come to think that perhaps I simply haven’t seen enough cats. I still think brown eyes in cats are a rarity, but not an impossibility, as I did when I wrote this post.

50. DessaRae - July 16, 2010

I have four month old grey tiger stripe tom cat that has brown eyes. He is a spitting image of his mother except she has yellow eyes. I also have never seen a brown eyed cat before, but I love it. This kitten is one of the smartest cats I have seen. He learns things so easy. He even knows when he is allowed to come into the house he has to stay on the rug by the door and he cant get off. He is also a great hunter. Just about every night he goes out and catches a mouse or bird and brings it to his bed in the garage. He is a very active loving kitten. Oh and he just loves to have his belly scratched.

He sounds great, DessaRae!

51. CJ - August 3, 2010

A beautiful brown-eyed tiger cat with white paws & chest, about five months old, showed up on my porch one cold January 11th.
I somehow figured that I was meant to take her in, which I did.
It later occurred to me that not only is my own birthday on July 11th, but coincidently my beloved precious poodle was put down on a May 11th. Then I really figured that this cat was meant for me to take care of. Since then have learned how rare a brown-eyed cat is. No surprise that my dog and I came with brown eyes too.
I heard that cats who happen to find you bring luck too.

How wonderful, CJ! You’re lucky to have her, and she’s so lucky to have found a loving companion like you!

52. Mariea - August 3, 2010

I just might prove you wrong, I have a kitten with brown eyes, her brothers are brown too. They showed up on my yard so I don’t know the breed, mutt most likely. I can send you a pic if you need proof.

Wow, Mariea, a whole family of brown-eyed cats! That’s just amazing!

53. dveau - August 20, 2010

Actually, there ARE brown-eyed cats. I own one. It’s a brown cat with brown eyes. Evidentally, they are very uncommon, because it requires both parents having the same highly recessive brown gene. I can send a photo if needed.

I believe you, dveau, and thanks for the explanation! You’re so lucky to have one!

54. Kathy Sustersic - August 21, 2010

Kathy August 20, 2009

I have a brown eyed kitten about four months old. I got him from the humane society. Was avery tiny kitty when I got him. Dont think his eyes were brown then I didn’t notice if they were. He’s a beautiful
grey and black tabby. I’ve never seen a brown eyed cat before. I think he’s pretty cool. Named him Smokey the Bear.

Smokey sounds adorable, Kathy!

55. dragon - November 12, 2010

funny thing i was wondering the same thing!however i have a cat with bright green eyes and a black cat with yellow-gold eyes(some times they have a green tone)well 4 one thing i have amber my mom has green and my dad has honey brown eyes,however in humans amber eyes r the rarest and blue eyes r the 3rd most common(there common)i dont realy like blue eyes i prefer others.

Lucky you to have beautiful amber eyes, dragon! My favorites are sherry-colored eyes, that shade of brown with red highlights.

56. Michelle - November 24, 2010


I have never thought about a cat not having brown eyes. Well i have a couple aka alot of cats Battie has dark eyes almost black, she is a tordashell. Stormy and Flap Jack have hazel eyes, they are tabbys. Checkers has hazel eyes and she is a calico. Lullu has grey eyes, and she is a tordie. NawNao has lime green eyes, and she is black and white. And itsie has blue eyes and white. Tazzer has hazel and she is a tabby with alot of white.

I have dark brown eyes, and they change to hazel, to even dark green sometimes. Plus i dont wear contacts either.

Wow Michelle, that’s quite a collection of cats you’ve got there! What fun to enjoy all those beautiful colors and combinations. They’re all so beautiful! The only color combos I’ve always wanted and haven’t had yet are a true calico with orange eyes and a buff cat with either emerald or orange eyes. One day! I’m glad your eyes change color, too. I love that about mine!

57. Jessica Smith - December 12, 2010

I had never seen a brown eyed cat until last year. It was a stray it had brown fur and brown eyes. Now I see it every day since it lives in my backyard

Thanks for writing, Jessica! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’d never seen a brown-eyed cat! Lucky you to have one in your yard!

58. Brandi - December 19, 2010

I found this article after googling cats with brown eyes. We have a charcoal grey kitten with brown eyes. I hadn’t really paid attention to them until a friend commented on them. I, too, had never seen a brown eyed cat and was wondering how common it was.

Your kitten sounds beautiful, Brandi!

59. Angela - March 9, 2011

My cat has brown eyes. She is a grey Norwegian Forest Cat, not sure if that has anything to do with it. They are very endearing though. They started out the classic amber colour but went brown about three months into her life!

Hi Angela! Thanks for checking in! We’re Maine coon fans at my house, but have heard from others that Norwegian Forest Cats have overtaken Maine coons in their affections for just the reasons you say. Enjoy your brown-eyed beauty!

60. Alan - May 22, 2011

I found this post after my mother noticed that my black female cat has brown eyes, which she thought must be extremely rare. I’m colorblind so I didn’t notice myself… Her brother and sister have green eyes, so we’re not sure how she ended up with brown. They’re beautiful though.

She sounds like a beauty, Alan! I’m sorry about the colorblindness, though. Did you not notice her eye color because green eyes also look brown to you?

61. Kelli - May 24, 2011

I wish your article explained why cats do not often exhibit brown eyes. Perhaps in the history of cat world, the desirable traits for cat species was anything that did not have brown eyes—they are, after all a very sensitive species, more so than most and could “sense” that brown eyes were somehow a lessor trait that made them not as good of a hunter, etc. Instinctively they didn’t breed with those cats displaying that eye color. In humans, the opposite is true—brown-eyed people supposedly see better than those with light-colored eyes. I’ve never known through my observations, however, to see a male cat turn down a female cat in heat if she has brown eyes…it is curious, though, isn’t it?

By the way, I have green eyes. I’ve always wondered if I’m I part cat!

I know, Kelli, I wish I’d been able to find a definitive answer about cats’ eyes, too. My best guess at this point is that predators like wolves, owls, hawks, and cats often have lighter (usually yellow or orange) eyes; perhaps it has something to do with perceiving prey. Hmmm, this is the first time I’ve heard that brown-eyed people see better than light-eyed people; seems to me that I’ve known plenty of brown-eyed folks with glasses and that the Robin Hoods of the world, archers and hunters who could hit a target from an inconceivable distance, were more likely to be light-eyed. Anyway, good for you for having green eyes like my beautiful Mama!

62. kat - June 12, 2011

mi gata tiene los ojos cafes – marrones ym el veterinario la esta estudindo porq es por enfermedad lamentablemente q suelen tener ese color de ojos.

Hi Kat! Thanks so much for checking in. My Spanish is pitiful—I’m just learning!—but I think you’re telling me that your cat has brown eyes and your veterinarian is studying them to see if there’s a link between brown eyes and illness. Is that right? Good luck with your cat!!!

63. Leslie - June 23, 2011

I have a 3-month old Siberian kitten. I got her 3 weeks ago, when she had bright olive-green eyes. During those 3 weeks, her eyes have changed to a light parchment brown. They’re not gold and they’re not amber. Whether or not the colour will continue to develop, I don’t know. But at the moment, they’re a definite light brown. A cool brown, as opposed to a warm or golden brown.

Keep us posted, Leslie!

64. Alayna Mccready - August 3, 2011

my big sister just got a kitten a about a month ago ,its a boy and he is ginger so she called him garfield.
when we got him he had blue eyes but now his eyes have changes to a diffrent colour it looks like the eyes r brown now but we r not sure if the eyes r brown or if they r amber or orange
so can some one plz help us

Alayna Mccready - August 3, 2011

i was just clapping garfield the kitten and noticed tht they are for defenite brown
so forget about tht last comment i put up
because i need to know
are cats with brown eyes rare

Hi Alayna! Cats with brown eyes are definitely rare, so your sister is very lucky to have Garfield!

65. Karleigh :D - August 21, 2011

HI! Um I was also searching up “Brown eyed cats” When I came across this too! Because today me and my mom had taken a cat from a friend of hers, who could no longer keep him; and I remember just staring at his eyes for thirty minutes thinking “Oh my gosh, are those brown eyes?”
I’m only fourteen(15 in 2 days!) but my family has always had cats, my very first cat was a tabby,squeals, with green eyes. The eyes are almost always why I’m drawn to any animal, and cats have such a large range almost no eye is exactly the same, I myself either like my eyes really bright or really warm.

But this sweet gray brown tabby (although I’m sure he has some Egyptian mau or sevral, or well some sort of wildcat in him!) had orange-y-brown copper eyes!! I keep pointing them out to people, but no ones really taken to him like I have. Really I can like see everything about him through his eyes, and I’ve completely fallen in love with him!

Once I find my camera I’ll put a picture of Prince up! His only six months old (But his longer than my arm, which is why I think his definitely not full tabby!) So his eyes my change to a more amber-y-copper color or maybe even orange!(That’d be cool! :D)

But for now there a deep brown and look a lot like mine! I think I might be a little bit of a narcissist, but I have some pretty brown eyes! If only he was a orange ginger kitty, we’d be the purrrffectt matchers! (AHHH!!! Excuse my bad pun! XD)

Hi Karleigh! Thanks for checking in! Sounds like you lucked out with Prince—big AND beautiful! By all means send a photo if you get a chance so all of us can admire him!

66. Jalani chapman - September 17, 2011

Like you said i have seen my fair share of cats, and personally i love all cats. But my cat must be unique as you said ” i’ve never seen a cat with brown eyes” he has them everyone in my house ,including me, has brown eyes.He’s a perfectly fine cat not a thing wrong with him the normal house cat like everyone else’s, but we both see eye to eye and i’m just like him but everyone and everything has their differences like my cat with other cats’.

Hi Jalani! Love your description of your brown-eyed cat! I like the idea of the cat’s eyes matching the family’s eye color, too! Fashion-forward cat you have there!

Mandy - October 19, 2011

I don’t have a brown eyed cat but I do have a cat with very ususual eyes. He has central heterochromia which my vet says is unheard of in cats. His eyes have the usual black pupil and then a light brown area surrounding the pupil (visible when the pupil is a slit) and then a violet/hazel/green area (that looks like a round pupil and appears dark brown or black from a distance) and then a yellow outter ring. His eyes do not look like cat eyes. You will never see the dark slit of a pupil that is characteristic of a cats eyes. They look like human eyes with very complex irises (calidescope eyes)and yellow in place of the white of the eye.

Wow, Mandy! I’ve never even heard of that. It sounds extraordinary!

67. Mandy - October 19, 2011

PS Can I post a pic on this site?
I have many pics of his beautiful eyes.

Sure, Mandy, we’d love to see it! Comments #33 and 43 both have posted links to photos. I’m sure our cat-loving readers would be fascinated by your cat’s eyes, too!

68. lianimal66 - December 9, 2011

My black cat has brown eyes….No pic right now since the little heathen knocked my camera off the counter while it was charging and it hasn’t worked since. But he’s now well past the time his kitten brown eyes would have turned to their permanent color, and they’re still milk-chocolate brown. I’ve managed to google up only 3 other cats who have brown eyes, so they must be pretty rare

Your cat sounds like quite the character! A black cat with chocolate-brown eyes must be gorgeous, just like our black German shepherd Shiloh (also with brown eyes)!

69. lianimal66 - December 9, 2011

My other two cats, one a Torti and one a Tuxedo, both have bright green eyes…so me and my little brown eyed Shanks have to stick together against the wicked green eyed girls lol

Sounds like a great household! We have three cats too, two massive siblings and a scrawny, irascible elder, and between them, the dog, and the parrot, the dynamics are always entertaining!

70. Libbie - January 2, 2012

I was looking up how common brown eyed cats were, and I came across this wedsite and read your post….I have a cat with brown eyes, message me on face book and or get in contact with me somehow and ill post a picture of him, he has beautiful brown eyes and I’ve owned a lot of cats b4, never have ever seen a cat with brown eyes…would like to know if this makes him a rare breed!…..

Hi Libbie! We’d love to see a photo! Earlier commentors have posted photo links in their comments, and folks who commented on another post were able to upload photo links to attach to their comments through PhotoBucket, so it’s definitely possible to add a photo link here. Your beautiful boy isn’t a rare “breed,” but he’s definitely rare!

71. Roxie - January 22, 2012

I’ve just adopted a 4 month white cat with brown eyes. She has a very small light patch of gray between her ears and her ears are very, very pink, almost translucent. She is so loving i wanted to call her Princess but she just reminds me too much of a Snowball. I don’t see the link so i can post a pic of her.

Hi Roxie! Snowball sounds delightful, we’d love to see her! As far as I know, we don’t have an actual photo link on the blog, but folks have posted their own links to their photos in their comments, and also have linked to photos via PhotoBucket, so I know it’s possible to add a photo link, if not an actual photo, to your comment. Good luck!

72. Jo - April 24, 2012

I have just got a 6 month old kitten. He is ginger with some darker ginger markings, very unusual…he has brown eyes which i have never seen before on a cat, and it was the first thing I commented on when I first saw him.

Lucky you, Jo! He sounds like a beauty!

73. Carol - June 23, 2012

I have just gotten a solid black kitten with brown eyes. He is 9 weeks old, and in the recent photos I took, his eyes appear to be more yellowish, but in daylight his eyes are definitely brown. We’ll see if they change or stay brown. Brown eyes on this black kitten make for an interesting face!

He sounds beautiful, Carol! What did you name him?

74. Leslie - June 23, 2012

Update on my little Siberian cat. She has turned a year old now. Her taupe-brown eyes have settled into a sort of burnished antique gold. They’re really quite pretty.

The strange thing is that whenever I try to take a photo, they still look green, even though when you look into her eyes, there’s no green in there at all.

That is strange, Leslie! I’ve found that cameras do tend to play strange tricks with cats’ eyes, though, turning them green (or red). I hope you can find a way to capture your cat’s true eye color!

75. TMay - June 23, 2012

Update on the Black-eyed Siamese cat. Well now I have adopted him. I took him to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist and will relay what I heard her say. She said he had a time when his eyes were irritated. Because of that, herpes got a foothold in his eyes, and the scarring resulted in the cat’s eyes looking black. He can see through the scar tissue but less so in dim light, therefore he should be situated safely at night, and perhaps I can leave a light bulb on which is what I have been doing. She said that we have to be careful about giving him cortizone or prednisolone because if we give him medicine to suppress the immune system, the herpes might come back. On the scale of the moistness of his eyes, he tends to be on the dry side which made him prone to this having happened. She said after we establish a relationship, I can give him eye drops with artificial tears for pets which is available over the counter on the internet (“i-drop vet plus”, 2 x a day, and the box has a photo of a shih tsu, not the package with the photo of the dog and the cat, even though this is for use on a cat, available on Amazon.) She said anytime he is stressed, like by catching a cold, the herpes can come back. We vaccinate cats against herpes. She said herpes is around and is opportunistic for when the immunity of the cat is not up to snuff. I had dry irritated eyes for one evening and boy was that miserable.

Good luck with the poor little soul! I’m so glad he can still see. And I know what you mean about dry eyes being miserable. Ouch! Cats can’t even rub their eyes like we can to relieve the dryness and itching.

76. TMay - June 23, 2012

Sometimes a trait is not so much that it aids survival but because the female likes the trait, hence we have California quail with the male having the adorable curly feather on its head that droops forward, or peacocks where the male has a trait that is bad for survivability in terms of a very heavy tail but it is what the female peacock likes. It is arbitrary. Maybe female cats like males with eyes the color of jewels. Cats communicate with their eyes, as well as with other parts of their bodies. At night you can’t see a cat often but you can see its eyes. If they are coordinating hunting, perhaps a cat being able to see another cats’ eyes helps. I believe my cat, an Egyptian Mau descends from bigger cats. Lions coordinate hunting. Successful hunting leads to greater survivability.

77. Pamela - July 8, 2012

I found your site by it dawning on me one day that cats don’t have brown eyes, googled it and here I am. I just think it is weird that there is no brown eyed cats. Maybe there will be some studies done to why not.I just was not very understanding of “Ben’s” genetic coding of humans tho. I have dark brown eyes and so does my husband, but yet our son is blue eyed. I was always understanding that brown was the dominant gene, but you have to go back and look at the parents and the grandparents and so forth. My mom had blue eyes and my dad carried dominate brown eyed trait, both his parents was brown eyed, he would never be able to have anything but brown eyed children, which we all four were brown eyed. My mom had 2 genes of blue,both her parents were blue eyed. My husband’s parents same as mine, his mom both blue eyed parents and his dad both brown eyed parents. So the conclusion would be it is all in the “Genes”. We only had one child but since my husband and I both carried one gene of blue and one gene of brown each, it would make it 50/50 on our children having blue eyes or brown eyes.
“Ben’s theory.” A child born to a blue-eyed couple did not have blue eyes, then the husband was not the child’s biological father. So marrying blue-eyed women would give blue-eyed men a reproductive advantage in the Darwinian sense. This theory could not be true, because the gene process of ancestors would have to be determined before it could be stated that the childs father was not the biological father. Again it is in the “genes”.
Very interesting read tho, thanks for sharing.

So true, Pamela, it’s all about genetics, one way or another. I have blue eyes like my maternal grandparents even though my parents were both green-eyed, as are my siblings. You just never know how the mix will shake out!

78. Jentie - July 18, 2012

My six month old kitten Ivy (named because she climbs so well) has beautiful brown eyes. She’s a land gray stripped cat and those eyes really stand out. There were three in the liter, she’s the only one with brown eyes. Her mother died soon after the birth so I have never seen the Mom, or Dad, but I heard he was from a good neighborhood.

Ha, I’m sure he was, Jentie! And Ivy is a great cat name!

79. Halee Rockz - October 13, 2012

I have a 3 year old cat that has beautiful brown eyes And all I know about his background is hes part snowshoe!

Halee Rockz - October 13, 2012

His name is Chippers And hes really anti social!

TMay - October 15, 2012

You should probably have the cat checked out by a vet. Snowshoes come from Siamese and Siamese are more prone to a condition of dry eye that can give Herpes the opportunity to take hold and the Herpes can eat up the pigmented part of the eye. Perhaps the cat was meant to have blue eyes. Most Snow shoes have blue eyes. It seems that only totally white cats are meant to have dark eyes occasionally. Herpes can cause blindness in a cat. If it does have Herpes it can cause some visual limitation, and maybe the cat should be indoors at night when there is less light and safe, or indoors all the time. Granted regular vets don’t know that much about eyes. Vet’y ophthalmologists know more. There are eye drops that are sold on Amazon called i drop vet plus and the package with the picture of the Shitzu dog is better than the package with a picture of a dog and cat because those are individually packaged and contain a lot of water for a drop in the eye 2 x a day.
Amazon also sells a Klaw Control groom and care pet bag that is helpful to have around when you have to give medicine to a cat. It comes in different sizes. (Pill guns also exist which make life easier.) Then again perhaps what you see as brown is actually not brown since people see different colors differently.

80. Suzanne Holmann - February 7, 2013

I just adopted a beautiful grey tuxedo cat with big brown eyes. I had never seen brown eyes on a cat before, either, so I googled it and found your article. My cats eyes are a milk-chocolate brown, and he is very smart and hyperactive!!!!!!!!!! I named him Mister Bojangles, call him Mister for short, and love him very much. He is a very loving cat, but has boundless energy!!!!!!!!! Me and Annabelle, my older female calico, sometimes are worm out by his energy, but we both love him.

81. Jessica Frances Cooper - February 17, 2013

My baby boy is nearly six months and a ginger moggy with beautiful brown eyes!! It’s adorable as I myself have brown eyes and ginger hair.

When I first got him his eyes were bright blue, changing to a dark greeny colour for a few weeks before turning brown. Hoping they stay brown as it’s just too cute!

tmay101 - February 17, 2013

Please read all the comments on this web page.

82. Leslie - February 17, 2013

My Siberian cat will be 2 years old next month – already! Her eyes started out blue, then were a dark green, and then they went taupe brown and stayed that way for a long time. Eventually, she got a golden cast in her fur and her eyes followed, so their final colour is now gold.

83. Betty Neary - September 7, 2013

I have a four month old kitten and she has lovely brown eyes, which is why I was drawn to this site, I hope they stay this colour, will post again if they change.

84. Dwayn - October 12, 2013

I have a 13 week old kitten with brown eyes

85. robybaker - January 20, 2015

I have a buff cat who has dark brown eyes. Not orange at all, brown. They look like chocolate drops.

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