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A natural spa treatment for your feet. July 29, 2008

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Our friend Ben and I are spending a relaxing week on Emerald Isle off the North Carolina coast. We came down for the first time two years ago, so this time we knew what to expect. We were both looking forward to the beautiful sand beaches, to walking the shoreline looking for shells, to getting a little color on our office-bleached skins, and to the colorful, casual, Margaritaville atmosphere. But I was looking forward to something more—a little secret I discovered last time we were here.

We love shells and shelling, and it’s endless fun walking the coastline, splashing around in the waves and feeling the sand beneath your toes while trying to find especially lovely tellins or whole scallops or maybe a piece of a sand dollar. But I quickly found out that barefoot was the only way to go, after fighting sand in my sandals on the first walk. Ouch! Yuck!

So on the second walk, I skipped the shoes. And as I continued walking and shelling each day, I began to notice something wonderful: The sand and salt water were polishng my toenails. The pink part of each nail was lustrous and shiny, and the white part so cleanly white that it looked like I’d gone to a salon for French nails for my toes! I was so glad I’d skipped the nailpolish when I came down to the beach.

Not only did my toenails get a deluxe spa treatment, but my feet did, too. The sand and salt water exfoliated them perfectly (and painlessly), revealing smooth, soft skin on top and wearing off any callouses on the soles.

I can already see it happening this time. My feet never looked so beautiful as after that last trip down, and I’m luxuriating in watching the transformation again now. I know from before that the effect will last for months. I wish I could take back a washtub of sea sand and salt water and just stick my feet in and slide them around every once in a while to maintain those gorgeous, shiny nails. Spas, are you listening?

I’d love to add that another benefit is that this deluxe spa treatment is free as well as all-natural, but unless you live within walking or driving distance of a sand beach, I fear that would be a lie. Adding in the cost of the vacation makes it one expensive treatment! But the the sea air, the ocean view, feeling the ocean swirling around your ankles, the search for wonderful shells that could appear every second, the tangy scent of the sea, and the joy of being on vacation have to make it the best spa treatment ever. After all, you get to take home memories (and shells) as well as beautiful feet. I encourage you to try it. Tell ’em Silence sent you!

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1. ceecee - July 29, 2008

Cool! I remember when I first encountered this ‘spa treatment’. I was on my honeymoon on Grand Cayman. Before that, I’d never been anywhere near the ocean. Needless to say, it sort of spoiled me for finding any other beach quite as lovely.
Have fun, don’t forget sunscreen.

Grand Cayman–wow!!! Bet there are fabulous shells there! And yes, I’ve been wearing SPF 45 *and* a baseball cap (thanks for checking!).

2. Donna - July 29, 2008

…not to mention the ambiance. I need to get to the beach. I’t been a while.

Do it, Donna!!! It had been a *really* long time since I’d been to a sand beach before our trip two years ago, and I’d forgotten how fantastically rejuvenating it was to body, mind and spirit. Aaaahhh…

3. Alan - July 29, 2008

Are you sure it wasn’t the little fish nibbling on your toes? I hear that’s all the rage now

Ha!!! I hadn’t heard about this trendy spa treatment until a couple of days ago, when a friend of the family told me about it. Yikes!!! All I could think about was piranhas and leeches. Yuck!!! Let’s just say that if anything bites *my* toes while I’m out shelling, the screams will probably make the entire town think a nuclear alert siren has gone off!

4. Cinj - July 29, 2008

MMMM, sounds luxurious. I could go for one of those right about now. My feet are pretty rough from all of the bare footed sandal wearing I’ve been doing this summer. I can just feel the silky sand beneath my feet now. Maybe I’ll take my son to the beach tomorrow after the movie. No salt water here, but the sand would have to do a little something for me….

Hope it’s a beautiful day and you all go, Cinj! After strolling in the sand, you could always come home, soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salts, and then treat them to some rich lotion and soft slippers. You (and your feet) deserve it!

5. deb - July 30, 2008

Silence, that sounds wonderful. Have a great trip.


Thanks, Deb! We’re enjoying it!

6. Becca - July 30, 2008

What makes it so sad for me is that we could drive there every morning. Why don’t we? Familiarity? Crowds? Sometimes, I just want to get away and lie by the water–night time is the best. Sounds like a plan…

Your feet sound lovely!

Go, Becca, go! I feel that way about Hawk Mountain, which is less than an hour from us. We do go, but not as often as we should. And thanks for the compliment! My feet have always been my favorite feature! Maybe I’ll do a post about that, too…

7. VP - July 30, 2008

We had a very surreal foot beauty treatment article on the UK news here this morning courtesy of you guys from across the pond. It involved dipping your feet in a tank and fish nibbling away at your toes :O

I prefer your spa treatment!

The things people do to themselves in the name of beauty, VP! “Suffer for beauty” is sadly the norm, not the exception. :O is right!!!

8. Becca - August 8, 2008

Just wanted to let you know that with all the tadpoles in our pond, I dipped my legs in and they went right to work! What an odd sensation. I had over 20 tadpoles on each leg. They would squirm between my toes. Kinda cute…

Goodness, Becca! Better you than me, is all I can say. I love frogs, but not that much…

9. Fungus Nail Natural Treatment | BBC-News.Co.CC - August 9, 2008

[…] A natural spa treatment for your feet. […]

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