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Bloggers who think. August 29, 2008

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben, Silence Dogood, and Richard Saunders have been hugely honored to receive a Thinking Blogger Award from one of our very favorite thinking bloggers, CeeCee of My Little Bit of Heaven (http://undertexasskies.blogspot.com/); see her post “A Very Nice Award” for more on this, and please hang around and check out her other posts while you’re over there. You’ll be so glad you did! Thank you, CeeCee! We’d also like to thank another of our favorite thinking bloggers, Nancy Ondra (her wonderful blog is Hayefield, http://hayefieldhouse.com/), who was kind enough to rescue us Luddites from our dismal swamp of techno-ignorance and put the award up on our site.

As far as we can determine, there are no “rules” attached to the Thinking Blogger Award. This is both a blessing (no limitations) and a curse (no limitations). We had a lively discussion about how to proceed. Here’s how it went:

Richard Saunders: Wow, I can’t believe we got a Thinking Blogger Award. What an honor! Old Ben Franklin would be proud.

Silence: Except for the part about us not being able to figure out how to put the award up on our site. You know if Ben were alive today he’d have invented the internet. He wouldn’t be sitting around wondering how to put stuff on his blog! 

Our friend Ben: Thank God techno-ignorance doesn’t translate to stupidity, or we’d never have gotten a Thinking Blogger Award to begin with. Now, if we could just get a MacArthur Award…

Silence (groaning): Don’t start on that again. Talk about a one-track mind!

RS: As if. No doubt the nominators are all reading our blog and just trying to think of some way to contact you.

OFB, hastily changing the subject: So, who are we going to nominate for the award?

Silence: How many people can we nominate, anyway? CeeCee only nominated us.

RS: I don’t recall reading about any rules associated with the award, like “You must post this and award that.”

OFB: I don’t, either. What a relief! But [thinking] then what are we going to do? All our favorite blogs are written by people who think, and who typically have a great sense of humor about the stuff they’re thinking about. But we can’t just put down bazillion blogs as award winners.

Silence: Well, we definitely need to nominate Sean (aka Mad Man Bamboo). His blogs, Bamboo Geek (http://bamboogeek.blogspot.com/) and TrashWatch (http://trashwatch.blogspot.com/), keep an eye on environmental abuses and help alert the rest of us to what’s going on. If Sean doesn’t deserve a Thinking Blogger Award, I don’t know who does!

OFB, RS: Agreed.

OFB: And we need to pass the award to sjones71 (whatever his actual name is) at Compostings (note the clever pun in his blog’s title), http://compostings.wordpress.com/. His blog is amazing, and so are his comments on our blog. 

RS: I’d say the same about Alan at Roberts Roost, “The story of a small scale eco-farm” (http://robertsroostecofarm.com/). Definitely a thinking blogger!

Silence: You’re right. And so is Kate of Kate smudges in earth, paint, and life (http://katesmudges.typepad.com/), and Curmudgeon and Wing Nut of Weed Whackin’ Wenches (www.weedwhackinwenches.blogspot.com/).

RS: And Benjamin of The Deep Middle (http://deepmiddle.blogspot.com/). And…

OFB: Hang on, hang on! What if there was some arcane reason why CeeCee only nominated one blog?

Silence, RS: Uh…

OFB: I think we’d better just stop here.

Silence: But what about—

OFB, interrupting: Maybe we should just open up the award.

RS: How?

OFB: Well, we have to just ask the folks we’ve already nominated to try to pick up the award from our site anyway, since we don’t have a clue how to actually put it up on their sites, right?

Silence, RS: Right.

OFB: And if some of our other favorite bloggers would like a Thinking Blogger Award, we figure they deserve it, since otherwise we wouldn’t be reading them, right?

Silence, RS: Right.

OFB: So why don’t we just say that those folks know who they are, and if they’d like to put the Thinking Blogger Award up on their sites, they’re welcome to?

RS: Well, okay.

Silence: But—


Silence: Oh, all right.

OFB: So, all nominees, and those who should be nominees, feel free to put the Thinking Blogger Award up on your sites if you wish. And if not, know that we think you deserve it anyway! Thanks to all of you for making us think. And if any of you happen to be MacArthur Award nominators…

Silence, RS: Shut up, Ben!!!



1. Cinj - August 29, 2008

What are you thinking when you read MY blog? (I’m sure glad I’m not as crazy as that lady is. Does she ever just sit down?) LOL. Okay, just my own silliness trying to float out again. ALl this serious construction and cleaning business is starting to get me done. SO glad it’s almost over!

I’m always awed by what you all are doing over at your blog, Cinj! Would we dare to build our own shed, or even—my personal fantasy, since we don’t have a basement so we can’t install a non-electric composting toilet—an outhouse? No way! We’re too incompetent. Sigh. More power to you and Cheesehead for all the fabulous things you do!

2. Lucy Corrander - August 29, 2008

What fun.

I’ve not read your blog before.

I’m wondering if I would qualify for a ‘doesn’t think’ award because I never say a word on my blog?

Lucy Corrander

Hey Lucy! Thanks for stopping by! And never, ever think that it doesn’t take more brainpower to convey a thought through a well-chosen picture than to just spew out words like we do here at Poor Richard’s! Words are much more forgiving. Keep on keeping on!

3. Benjamin - August 29, 2008

I’m thinking that all this thinking is really actually quite thoughtless, or at least no thinking can appear thoughtless–but really isn’t thoughtllessness the key to creative thinking? If I was a sculptor I’d capture this thinking thoughtlessness in a piece and title it La Penseur. I wonder now, can we be in a state of pure thoughtlessness, and if we can, is that transcendence? Is it an aching toward the divine? Is it the divine aching for itself through our thoughts or non thoughts? I think further thinking in thoughtless moments is surely worth pondering. Now I’m off to teach creative writing students how to unthink and unlearn all they have learned, because all they’ve learned just gets in the way of thoughtless thinking.

Oh, geez, Benjamin! Just give us a good margarita and spare us the high-tech angst!

4. ceecee - August 29, 2008

Here is where the award originated. http://www.thethinkingblog.com/2007/02/thinking-blogger-awards_11.html
I know nothing about the blog, but it has “rules”, one of which is this:
“Please, remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all – blogs that really get you thinking!”

I only picked you, because of all the blogs I read, yours is the one that most often causes me to pause and think a bit. Most of the others are like mine–a bit of this and that, seldom giving the reader any deep thought.

You should be able to add the award to your post by simply doing a ‘click and drag’ with your mouse. ‘Grab’ the picture of it with your mouse and drag it into a new post. It should stay there.

Thanks, CeeCee! Obviously, we had to get help to get the award up on our site, but thanks to you, our nominees should have an easier time of it. We think our blog also offers readers “a bit of this and that,” so please don’t downgrade your blog on that account. We love it!

5. sjones71 - August 29, 2008

You guys really are the best. A joy to read.. something I look forward to every day.

And now, you’ve demonstrated your thinkingness by thinking of me for the thinking person’s blog award! Clearly a good thought as I am full of thinking.

For instance, right now I am thinking… “whatever happened to Alf?” Ooohhh… And now I’m thinking “the a-team had a great theme song.”

Ha!!! We were just wondering whatever happened to David McCallum last night…

6. Thinking People Think I’m Thoughtful « Compostings - August 29, 2008

[…] when one of my favorite blogs, Poor Richard’s Almanac, gave me the Thinking Blogger Award I was very pleased right straight down to my ego.  If you’ve never […]

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