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More wacky blog searches. October 29, 2008

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben is always fascinated by the search phrases people use to find our blog (thank you, WordPress, for sharing them with us), but the last couple of days have produced some real doozies. We’ve had people coming over here looking for “What do white trash eat?” and for “unwilling creampie,” a definite first, as well as for “how to quit the amish bread cycle” (we can only sympathize). (In case you’re unfamiliar with Amish friendship bread and why someone would want to escape from its clutches, check out Silence Dogood’s earlier post, “Amish friendship ‘bread’.”)

Perhaps Silence should write a followup post called “50 Ways to Leave Your Amish Friendship Bread,” but we’re actually more intrigued by two other searches that brought readers to Poor Richard’s Almanac. The first was “rice pudding cooked in rice cooker.” Hmmm. Rice pudding in a slow cooker, sure; rice pudding in a rice cooker, we don’t think so. But Silence is on the case, and you should hear more about this in a future post. And the second was “the sweetest fragrance.” That one really got us going. What is the sweetest fragrance, anyway? We don’t have a clue. So we’ve set our friend and fellow blog contributor Richard Saunders in pursuit of the answer, and no doubt he’ll be posting soon about this.

As always, we’re grateful to all of you for inspiring us to learn things that we don’t know and wouldn’t think of trying to find out if you didn’t prod us through your searches. (You’re always welcome to just come on out and ask us, too, if there’s something you particularly want to know.) And we’re grateful to those of you who search for funny things and make us laugh. It really brightens our day!


1. vegplotting - October 29, 2008

I’ve had ‘rice pudding fan assisted oven’ this week. Do you think there’s some poor soul out there researching 50 ways to cook a rice pudding?

“Fan assisted oven,” eh, VP? And yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a cookbook out somewhere devoted enitrely to rice pudding, with “250 great recipes!” Ack, we say. Enough already.

2. tina - October 29, 2008

For what it’s worth I think the sweetest fragrance is 4 O’Clocks.

Hmmm, I’ll alert Silence. Thanks!

3. Gail - October 29, 2008

OFB, WordPress seems to offer so many nice features…Can’t wait to see what eveyone says about The Sweetest Fragrance. While there are any number of flowers to fit this bill…The sweetest fragrance is the smell of your baby boy or girl!


We think WordPress is great! And here’s a concept to consider, as to your point: Someone recently mentioned to Silence that a woman trying to attract a man should wear cinnamon, and a man trying to attract a woman should wear baby powder. We thought they were right on!

4. themanicgardener - October 29, 2008

Those of us stuck over here in TypePadLand envy you Word Press folks. (Of course, I can get that info at Google Analytics, but who wants to press an extra button?)

On the subject of rice cookers–our best fellow ex-pat friends in Japan had only a rice-cooker for a week or more when they first arrived, and I remember having both spaghetti and pancakes–yes, pancakes–cooked by this intrepid duo.

Wow, Kate! Spaghetti I can see, but pancakes?! Oh my. Maybe rice pudding isn’t as much of a stretch as I thought…

5. nancybond - October 29, 2008

The strangest term I’ve seen lately for my blog is “unbroken forehead”. 😉 Haven’t a clue where the connection is on that one! Some of the search terms are really funny.

May your forehead stay unbroken!

6. jodi - October 29, 2008

Beginning to think I ought to migrate bloomingwriter to wordpress too, though so far I’ve dreaded the idea just because of the work that might be involved. And I have too much to do now! But I’ll be fascinated to find out Richard’s take on fragrance.

I know what you mean, Jodi! I’d be terrified to try to move all this, and we don’t even have photos! Thank heavens we started out on WordPress. But, er, we think you’d be happy with it once you finished moving!

7. Mike Timonin - November 3, 2008

Just for the record, I came for the spaghetti sauce recipes, and I’ve stayed because you provide an oasis of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. thanks!

Thank YOU, Mike! We’re delighted to have you and your comments here!

8. me850 - March 12, 2009

hi, i\know this does’nt have anything to do with friendship bread but i could’nt find a blog about my question. what i’d like to know is where do you purchase all the metal parts that is needed to make harness for horses or mules? i have looked every where and i can not find what it takes to make harness. i can not afford to buy a set already made but i’m capable of making it if i could get the parts. thanks i sure hope someone can help me.

Hi Lamar! I’ll write a post about that right now and see if anyone comes on the site to answer your question. Look for a post called “Harness for horses and mules.” I hope you get some good sources!

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