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Spring flowers: yellow and white. March 12, 2009

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Our friend Ben took a tour of our yard here at Hawk’s Haven yesterday, the first true spring day we’ve had this year. And I was ecstatic to see that the snowdrops and winter aconites were in full bloom. This diminutive combination is our first real sign of spring. (The green-flowered hellebores are also coming into bloom, but because they’re evergreen for us, it’s not quite as exciting.)

We have snowdrops in our front yard, but our friend Ben’s favorites are the snowdrops and aconites under our shrub border in back. I remember well how a coworker back in the day brought in a shovelful of snowdrops and winter aconites in a plastic bag for our friend Ben; they had apparently multiplied to such an extent that she had to clear them out.

Under the shrub border, they have grown more slowly. The snowdrops have formed lovely clumps under the shrubs, but the yellow aconites have pretty much just held their own. Until now.

Last year, our friend Ben was thrilled to find a single yellow aconite bloom at the front of the shrub border. This year, it’s turned into a gorgeous little clump. How that one seed happened to drift there and germinate I’ll never know. But how joyous to see it thriving like that!

Yellow and white and green: The first colors of spring. Always anticipated, always welcome. Snowdrops and winter aconites hug the ground, enabling them to survive late snows and other unpredictable weather as winter finally gives way to spring. They don’t dominate the landscape; you have to come close and look for them. But our friend Ben can think of few more rewarding sights. Good to see you, old friends!



1. fairegarden - March 12, 2009

What a wonderful combo! It is thrilling to see things pop up in expected places, especially at this time of year when we hunger for flowers. Our new little patch of snowdrops will be spread about, even though there are only five of them. I read they like to be planted *in the green* so the time is drawing near. So glad spring has found you in PA! 🙂

Thanks, Frances! It’s very exciting here now: Time to begin the “did this live, will this bloom” countdown. Hope your snowdrops thrive as ours have done!!!

2. Sheila - March 12, 2009

Is there anything more welcome than signs of spring?

So true, Sheila!

3. Gail - March 12, 2009

They really are two of the nicest small flowering bulbs. How wonderful that they are happy in your garden…I do think of them as happiest in northern gardens…and delight in seeing these two small flowers pop up in blogger’s gardens…but I keep forgetting to order them for my own. (Now might be a good time for flower bulb growers to let us place orders…when they are fresh on our minds). gail

You know, Gail, now that you say that, I don’t recall ever seeing either snowdrops or winter aconites when I was growing up in Nashville. I’d never thought about it, but maybe you’re right and they’re Northern blooms! If so, I can only say, we need them most up here after our horrific winters…

4. Joy - March 12, 2009

I can’t wait to see mine too : )
Some times the understated, is just the right statement !

I agree, Joy, especially early on when we all appreciate any little sign of life!

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