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What a guy. March 31, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in homesteading, pets, wit and wisdom.

Silence Dogood here. Okay, so I’ve been giving our friend Ben a little grief lately. (See our earlier post, “Ben Picks Ten: Signs That You’re Over the Edge” and guess which ones I contributed.) But I have to say, this morning I’m feeling really benevolently towards him, so I thought I’d write this post and give the guy his due.

Not only does OFB bring me coffee every morning, but this morning he was especially solicitous, knowing how crazed I was because of my looming deadline. He’s also been making a big fuss over our beloved golden retriever, Molly, who is dying of liver cancer. To hear his tenderhearted “conversations” with her makes my heart ache. He even puts up with the endless racket of our three new parakeets, Taco, Belle, and Laredo, as they screech cheerfully away by the kitchen table where he’s trying to get some work done so I can work in peace in our home office. 

But this morning, he really went above and beyond. After doing his share of our seemingly endless morning chores, he was rushing out the door to give a presentation (I’ll be taking my turn at this on Martha Stewart Radio later this week) when the trash truck came by. Knowing OFB, I assumed he’d roll the giant trashcan our township hands out back to the mudroom door so I wouldn’t have to grapple with it later today. (That 6’3″ versus 5’5″ advantage really makes a difference here; the trash bin is almost as tall as I am!) Then I heard the recycling truck pull up.

A bit later, as I went to the kitchen for a refill, I thought I’d better get that recycling bin. So I looked out the window and it was gone! Bless his heart, OFB had waited for the recycling truck and taken the bin around back before racing off so I wouldn’t have to go outside in the cold. (It was so cold here this morning that our chickens’ eggs were actually frozen.)

And best of all, he’s bringing my favorite pizza home for supper tonight! He thought I could use a break from cooking so I could get more done on my deadline. (I’ll make a great salad, of course, but hey, that’s not cooking.) What a guy!

Thanks, Ben. I’ll try not to give you any more grief about Dolley Madison and the damned ice cream. 

         ‘Til next time,




1. lzyjo - March 31, 2009

Surprised to hear you have garbage pickup in the middle-of-nowhere, I’m envious!
I see so many depictions of girls’ night out, where all they do is complain about their husband’s. I could never do that! My favorite thing is when DH does all the dishes after cooking up a pile of food, so I don’t have. It’s so sweet. Where would we be without them?

Yes, we’re really lucky to have trash and recycling pickup out here, lzyjo! I think it must be because our township building is also out here in the middle of nowhere! And yes, I cook and OFB does the dishes here, too, and it makes all the difference in the world.

2. Jen - April 1, 2009

Wow, Ben seems kinda romantic!! OK, details on the Martha Show please! I listen in my car all the time. will you be with Mario? or Betsy and Sandy? the gardening guys? How exciting, Silence!

Ben is quite romantic, Jen! Really a great guy. I just give him endless grief so he doesn’t get any big ideas! As for Martha, I’ll be on at 7:05 am tomorrow. This is my third or fourth appearance on Martha Radio as a clutter maven (thanks to my book, “Kick the Clutter,” which came out last year), but it’s always scary for me. At least it’s not television! Anyway, please don’t call in and ask me anything hard!

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