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How to water hanging baskets. May 29, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in gardening, wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben and Silence Dogood enjoy hanging baskets. We grow everything from Easter cacti to spider plants and decorative sweet potato vines in hanging baskets, suspended from a pole that runs the length of our greenhouse and/or hanging from hooks in the branches of trees that surround our deck.

However. We emphatically do not enjoy watering our hanging baskets. No doubt Groucho Marx, Peter Sellers, Lucille Ball or Roberto Benigni could have made an incredible slapstick routine out of our friend Ben’s watering attempts: Lifting a gallon milk jug of water high overhead and trying to upend it over a hanging basket, inevitably having water (and often potting soil as well) pour out of the top of the basket into the unfortunate face and all over the shirt of the devoted gardener, and then having to continue to try to get the water to saturate the soil until it, also inevitably, pours out the bottom onto said gardener’s head, clothes, etc. Then move on to the next plant and repeat. Arrrgghhh!!!

Well, you can imagine how awed our friend Ben was when Silence, our puppy Shiloh, and I visited Jim Weaver’s Meadow View Farm in scenic Bowers, PA and saw his basket-watering technique on Memorial Day. Jim had run drip irrigation across the roof of each greenhouse, setting it up so that one spaghetti tube and nozzle were positioned over each hanging basket. Looking up, mesmerized, our friend Ben saw the water dripping down into each hanging basket a drop at a time. Drip. Drip. No wasted water, no hauling milk jugs, no slapstick routine. And the health of the plants assured me that everything was getting plenty of water, with no water lost.

Wow. Our collection of hanging baskets here at Hawk’s Haven is too small to justify the expense of this setup. But gee, what a perfect solution!


1. Lzyjo - May 29, 2009

WOW! What a setup! I share the hanging basket problem, I usually get water all over my legs, either from the watering can or from the waterfall of muddy water flooding from the bottom. We just need something that will defy gravity!

Ha! Too true, lzyjo! And yes, I’d never seen a setup like this before and it was just perfect. Sigh…

2. Daphne Gould - May 29, 2009

Can’t you buy small quantities of such irrigation and put them together yourself? No I’ve never done it, but I see things like that being sold in parts at HD. I probably wouldn’t do it for one, but if I had as many as ten I would probably put up such a system.

I think there are kits of various kinds that would let you customize your own small-scale drip system, Daphne! But since we have no water supply back at our greenhouse and gardens (thus the dreaded milk jugs, laboriously hauled two by two from the house), it wouldn’t do us much good!

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4. Mike - June 12, 2010

Look for retractable hanging basket pulls. Seems to be the answer for baskets up high.

Thanks, Mike! Never heard of ’em, but boy, does that make perfect sense!

5. Kevin - July 3, 2010

Hey Guys

Have heard of the Basket Buddie takes twenty seconds to fill and it will look after your baskets for seven days plus. The plants are great!!

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