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Supermarket samaritans. May 31, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. I’ve been noticing a heartwarming trend at my local grocery the past few months: People have been leaving coupons on the shelves with the products they’re good for.

These aren’t expired coupons that some piggish litterers left behind when they saw that they’d waited too long to redeem them. Nor are they coupons that have been inadvertently forgotten. Sometimes, there will be a little stack of them piled neatly in front of the appropriate product.

In these hard times, small gestures like this can make a big difference. I don’t know if I’m seeing the work of a single samaritan or a group, if this just goes on in my grocery or if it’s happening nationwide. But however many of you there are, wherever you are, thank you.

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1. Lzyjo - May 31, 2009

What a great idea! Coupon Gorillas!

I thought it was a great way to help out!

2. Daphne Gould - May 31, 2009

That is such a sweet little kindness. Most people don’t even think about going out of their way for others. I haven’t seen anyone do that around here, but I’m rarely in the grocery store.

It’s a treat, Daphne! Coming upon one of those coupons for a product you’re about to buy anyway is like winning a mini-lottery!

3. Jen - May 31, 2009

Not long ago I was in line at the movies and the people in front of me had pre-paid for an extra ticket that they ended up not needing. So they gave it to me! So nice to get an unexpected litttle gift like this.

So true, Jen! As they say, random acts of kindness…

4. mornien - May 31, 2009

Out on the west coast, where I’m from, at Fred Meyer they have done that since I was little. They even have these cute machines that if you wave your hand in front of it, one pops out. I used to play with them when I was little.

And they would have copies of the coupons to scan for us at the registers.

How wonderful!!! I wish all groceries werre that considerate!

5. Heather - May 31, 2009

You are right, Silence- what a kind and caring thing to do. I love the random acts of kindness some still bestow on others they may not even know. I haven’t seen this yet but I am sure it is coming here too!

I hope so, Heather, there and everywhere!

6. Curmudgeon - May 31, 2009

I shop at Fred Meyers too and it still surprises me when the cashier pulls out coupons and credits me with them. It just makes my day.

Sounds like a wonderful place!

7. Krys - June 1, 2009

Sounds like a wonderful grocery store which makes it possible for some wonderful people to be, well, wonderful!

You’ve said it best, Krys!

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