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Decisions, decisions. July 25, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.

A heated debate broke out this morning here at Poor Richard’s Almanac as to the topic of this morning’s post. It went like this:

Silence Dogood: Ben, I was thinking I’d post that fabulous recipe for deviled eggs with blue cheese this morning.

Our friend Ben: Uh…

Silence: Uh, what, exactly?

OFB: Actually, I was thinking of writing this morning’s post and reminding readers of the MacArthur Fellowship nominations, just in case anyone out there  happens to be one of the nominators.

Silence: As if! Maybe you should forget about hinting that you’d like a fellowship and start doing something to deserve one.

OFB: Grrrrrr!!! I’d also thought about doing a followup post on The Zucchini 500 and discuss all the possibilities in zucchini racer design.

Silence: Hmmm. Maybe I should open the floor and see if anyone has any recipes for zucchini that are actually flavorful and have a good texture, so, just maybe, someone would want to eat them.

OFB: And we got an e-mail from Richard saying he’d be happy to contribute a followup post to our “Hummingbirds, where art thou?” post, giving people more ideas on attracting hummingbirds, or a post on a Founding Fathers series he’s been watching.

Silence: Ben, remember the bluebirds we saw on our way to the CSA yesterday? Maybe we should ask Richard to write a post on attracting bluebirds instead.

OFB: Good idea. I’ll e-mail him this morning. But meanwhile, what are we going to write about right now? 

Silence: Blue cheese deviled eggs. It’s picnic time, and everybody loves deviled eggs. Why not give them a twist on them so they can surprise and delight everybody with deviled eggs with a difference?

OFB: How about the latest confrontation between Shiloh and the stag beetle?

Silence: Don’t mention those horrid beetles! How come you’re never at home when they show up?!!

OFB: Uh…

Silence: How about some great sides for picnics, including the deviled eggs?

OFB: Now you’re talking! I don’t suppose you’re planning to make them later today, by any chance? It’s Saturday, and it’s finally not raining, so it’s perfect timing. I’m already hungry!

Silence: Oh, all right. Unless you’d rather have lasagna with a side of spinach and a fabulous salad. I’ve already made the sauce and bought the baby spinach…

OFB (completely torn): Urk!!! I can’t decide.

Silence: Tell you what, let’s invite Richard and Bridget for supper and see which menu they’d prefer. Meanwhile, I’d better get busy writing that picnic post!

OFB: Good plan.

Silence: And you can get busy taking out the trash and weeding the garden and taking Shiloh to the park and…

OFB: (suppressed scream)

Stay tuned.



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