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When autumn met summer (and it was love at first sight). September 30, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in gardening, homesteading, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. I was just driving through the little townlet of Maxatawny en route to my bank, admiring roadsides lushly covered with the white and lavender asters, goldenrod, and white-flowered nettles that proclaim the arrival of fall.

But once on the main (and as far as I can tell, only) street through Maxatawny,  I came upon an amazing plant combination that I would never, ever have expected. Someone had planted a small-flowered white aster that, unlike its wild cousins, had great clouds of white bloom, behind a standard red-flowered zonal geranium (pelargonium).

To see those brilliant red summer flowers blazing in front of the white cloud of autumn blooms was heart-stopping. Intentional, or an accident? Whatever the case, the result was inspired. It made my breath catch, even as I was driving along focusing on making a desperately needed bank deposit, and that’s saying something.

If I weren’t such a Luddite, I’d have stopped and clicked a picture. As it is, you’ll have to make that picture for yourselves. Red stars suspended in front of a white cloud, transforming a plant many of us take for granted (the zonal geranium) into a plant with unparalleled pizazz. Far from fading out as autumn took its turn, in this case summer was teaching us that sometimes, the best really is yet to come.

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1. Alan from Roberts Roost - September 30, 2009

I can picture it! Brilliant writing! (Now I know why you are in the top three in the Best Organic Blog catagory. Even with out photos you can make me see the place. Congrats.)

I love it when people break the rules.

Thanks, Alan! You should have been there, too (and in homesteading and agriculture). Next year!!!

2. Victoria - September 30, 2009

I can picture it also. Nice.

Thanks, Victoria! It really was lovely.

3. Joy - October 1, 2009

Silence what a beautiful picture to conjure up in my mind’s eye !
I can’t believe October is finally here and that I managed to get the majority of bulbs in yesterday 😉
Now we are looking for some perfect foliage to take pictures of .. I have to say .. it would be wonderful if you do get over that Luddite hump ? and we see some pictures of your beautiful refuge from the rest of the world ? wink wink
But for now I have a red and white picture in my mind .. hey … that could be a reference to our national flag too ? .. and being a maple leaf in the middle .. well, that is perfect ? LOL
PS .. I am in a silly frame of mind this morning 😉

Good for you, Joy! I’m glad you got those bulbs in the ground. And I’m glad you’re feeling silly, too. I think silliness is good for one’s health!

4. Daphne Gould - October 1, 2009

I love the mind’s eye image. Though if you do ever get a camera and learn how to post photos, I’d want to see Shiloh first.

I may not be able to actually take or post photos, Daphne, but I can e-mail you some Shiloh photos that Rob was kind enough to send me. I’ll try to remember to get those out tonight!

5. Gail - October 1, 2009

First I loved the post title…and then I loved the post! Daphne, would you post photos of Shiloh when you get them! gail

Thanks, Gail! It’s kind of you to ask Daphne to post the Shiloh shots—I never thought of having another blogger do the honors!—but I’ll forward them to you as well in case Daphne has her posts planned out for the near future!

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