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Layered leaves. October 28, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in gardening, pets, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. As I took our black German shepherd puppy Shiloh out for a bathroom break this morning, I noticed that the various shrubs and trees in one part of our yard created a waterfall of yellow and chartreuse. Or maybe it was more like a geyser, because for some reason I saw it from the bottom up rather than the top down. (Maybe being 5’5″ had something to do with this. Shut up, Ben.)

Taking it from the bottom, there were the fountaining gold foliage sprays of our colony of Solomon’s seal. Above them, the true yellow scallops of rose-of Sharon leaves. Higher still, the chartreuse-yellow of massive oval pawpaw leaves, then the green-yellow hearts of redbud leaves, and finally, the yellow and gold of maple leaves, all ascending like a cloud of gold to heaven.

The varying leaf shapes and differing shades of yellow were delightful. But accenting them were the carpets of deep green groundcovers I often see contemptuously dismissed: vinca (periwinkle), pachysandra, English ivy, lily-of-the-valley. That emerald tapestry set the perfect stage for the yellows and golds of autumn leaves. Finally, these tough, humble, ubiquitous groundcovers had come into their own.

Today’s skies were grey and rainy, but they couldn’t spoil the green-and-gold effect. And if tomorrow’s skies are a glorious clear fall blue, that ascending symphony of green and gold and blue will take my breath away. No wonder I love fall!

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1. Lzyjo - October 28, 2009

It’s so gorgeous, I agree! There is one tree in particular here that looks like a waterfall, a lovely orange waterfall with undertones of chartreuse in the froth. 5’5″ isn’t short. 😉 That’s is like a minuscule amount below average. At least at 5’5″ you can actually wear heels! Me no, if I wear heals a look like, a.) a freak, b.) a freakish giant c.) possible WNBA player d.) possible NBA player in drag. I’m sick and tired of being tall, it’s attracts too much attention, I’d rather be a short person, wearing heels, who blends in, but no I’m a freak of mountainous height. Think of good things, like never hitting your head on the car roof.

Oh and about the heels I broke my husbands foot/toe when he tripped over the heel of a shoe I left on the floor. He still curses me when that foot hurts. What can I say, sorry?

Oh, mercy, Lzyjo! That broken foot story, yikes, I’m constantly tripping over OFB’s big old slippers. My ideal height is just 5’7″, surely I could have managed another two inches! But I console myself by saying I have a very tall personality. The problem comes in the form of the 6’4″ OFB, who simply can’t resist giving me grief about my lack of height at all times. Grrrr!!!

2. nancybond - October 28, 2009

What a beautiful description! You must start posting some photos. 😉

Thanks, Nancy! As for photos… maybe someday!

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