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Christmas gifts for pets? November 30, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in critters, pets, wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben saw an article in our local paper, the Allentown, PA Morning Call, this morning citing statistics from an Associated Press-Petside.com poll that 52% of pet owners plan to buy their pets a holiday gift this year. Our friend Ben frankly wonders what the other 48% are thinking.

Not that you have to actually buy something to make your pets happy. Sharing some of your food is enough to make almost any pet ecstatic, whether it’s a little salad with your bunny or a fragment of pumpkin bread or cheese with your cat or pretty much anything with your dog. (No chocolate for any pet, though, please, it poisons them.) Another gift any pet will love is the gift of your time: petting the cat, talking to the bird, throwing a Frisbee for the dog.

If you want to buy a little something to put under the tree, our friend Ben directs your attention to our earlier post, “The best Christmas presents for pets.” (Search for it on our search bar at top right.)

But there’s another present you might want to consider this year if, unlike us, you have a microwave. A reader of our paper wrote in to the pet column to recommend it. She uses it to keep feral (outdoor) cats warm during cold weather, but adds that they’re also great for old or sick pets who need extra warmth indoors. It’s called a Snuggle Safe Heat Pad, and apparently looks like a solid Frisbee. You microwave the pad for 5 minutes, slip it inside its protective fleece cover (so pets won’t be burned), and it will stay warm for 12 hours, so pets can lie on it or snuggle up against it to combat the cold. Like Carrie Morris, who recommended the Snuggle Safe Heat Pad, you might want to microwave it in the morning  and again at night so your pets have access to 24-hour warmth and comfort. Great idea!

Do you have any favorite gifts for your pets? If so, please share them with us!



1. Lzyjo - November 30, 2009

At first I thought you meant she microwaved the cats. LOL! I agree what are are other 48% thinking! Hopper always has his own stocking and he usually get spoiled with lots of new toys. He also gets special food on the holidays. Pet stockings seem lot a hot item this year.

Aaawww, we have stockings for ours, too, Lzyjo!

2. Nell Jean - November 30, 2009

I buy dog toys year around, not for the holidays, doling them out one at a time. What the dog likes equally well to the $1 stuffed dog toy with the squeaker, which she rips apart to get at the squeaker after she tires of carrying it around, is an empty plastic gallon jug with a large Milkbone in pieces stuffed inside. Miss Pitt can entertain herself for several days until the jug is flattened/demolished.

Ha, what a great toy, Nell Jean! Thanks for the idea!

3. jodi (bloomingwriter) - November 30, 2009

I don’t buy gifts for the cat children, so much; they get treats from us daily, I do grow them catgrass and get them fresh catnip, but mostly the gifts they get from us are love, love, spoiling, the best seats in the house, the middle of the bed, more love…

…I guess those are pretty good gifts, aren’t they? And of course crumpled pieces of paper or shoelaces are the best toys, as long as we throw them/move them for the cats’ pleasure.

Ha! Our cats love catnip from the garden, popcorn, cheese fragments, a bit of pumpkin bread, or a wadded up ball of aluminum foil more than pretty much anything else, Jodi! (Except getting up on the bed and demanding attention in the dead of night.)

4. Dave@TheHomeGarden - November 30, 2009

Whew at first when you suggested a microwave I wasn’t quite sure where you were going! Neat idea. Our cat never played with anything we purchase, ever! String and old belts were enough for her.

Ha! The one toy I wish we’d bought for our cats is that little pinpoint flashlight pointer, Dave! It throws a beam of light on the wall (or floor), and apparently cats just can’t resist chasing it. Sounds like fun!

5. Elephant's Eye - November 30, 2009

Chocolat will chase a jingling ball. The lengths you have to go to to entertain the Ungardener!

I know the feeling, Diana!

6. AutumnRose - December 1, 2009

We have a laser pointer, and that’s the way our tubby tabbie gets her exercise 🙂

Although I must admit, it’s as equally entertaining for us as it is for her!

I felt sure it would be, AutumnRose! It’s so easy to visualize the hilarious cat capers!

7. Gail - December 1, 2009

We do give treats to our son and his gf’s pets! I am practicing for the day when i get a grandchild;) I hope you had a great holiday? gail

Awwww!!! We had a wonderful time, Gail. Hope you all did, too!

8. deb - December 1, 2009

Abby gets treats every time Manly goes to the store. If he gives her one more giant bone to drop on my feet, we may need an intervention.

We know the feeling, Deb! Nothing like being awakened at night by the all-too-distinctive sound of teeth scraping bone, much like fingernails on the blackboard. Not to mention the crash of the huge bone being dropped on the floor!

9. Jen - December 2, 2009

Miss B has her own stocking (in the shape of a little doggie paw) and we fill it with special chewie treats that she likes but doesn’t get every day (like a “toothpick” or “bullystick”) maybe a toy or two. She has been known to scarf down the carrots and cookies left for Santa, though, – no respect for the Santa ritual!

Ha, Miss B clearly knows how much she can get away with! She probably thinks she’s so adorable that Santa would fill her stocking anyway!

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