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First snow for Shiloh. December 24, 2009

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Silence Dogood here. It’s Christmas Eve, a time for anticipation and rejoicing, but this will be a bittersweet Christmas for me and our friend Ben. Today, we’re leaving to spend Christmas with family in North Carolina, and that’s sweet. But to do so, we had to board our Shiloh, and that’s bitter.

Many of you will know our beloved black German shepherd puppy, Pioneer Hawk’s Haven Shiloh von Shiloh Special, and if you do, you’ll know how “special” she is to us. Not yet a year old, this is her first winter, and our big East Coast snowstorm was her first real snow.

How she loved it! “Dashing through the snow” might have been written for her. Every time we took her outside, she’d race around in the widest arc she could, making snow circles everywhere. On the way back indoors, rather than walking or running, with every step she’d bound into the air, then land, compressing the snow beneath her paws as if she couldn’t believe what she was experiencing. And once inside, she’d lick the snow off any available object, from her paws to our boots, with delight.

And now, far from celebrating her first Christmas with us, she’ll be spending it in a kennel. We’re boarding her with our vet, and we know the staff there loves her and will take her out for walks and spoil her. We sent her favorite toys with her, and have plenty of new toys and treats waiting for her on her return, when we’ll celebrate our own private Christmas. But still.

We’re driving down, and Shiloh would have had no problem with the trip—she’s such a good traveller, lying quietly in the back seat however long a trip takes, seemingly content just to be with us. (And there’d have been plenty of bathroom and water breaks for her, since I insist on stopping at every single rest stop, much to OFB’s despair.)

But we’re staying with the esteemed patriarch of the Hays family, quite robust at 89 but not especially up to a 95-pound bundle of raucous enthusiasm, and then there’s his adored little dachshund, Maggie. Shiloh has an unfortunate tendency to bark at a stunningly deafening level in the presence of other dogs, apparently just to let them know that she’s there and wants to play. I’m sure neither Maggie nor Mr. Hays—nor anybody else, for that matter, including us—could endure that noise in closed quarters. Ouch!!!

So, for the safety and security (not to mention peace and comfort) of our hosts, Shiloh has been exiled for the holidays. Hopefully, by next Christmas, she’ll have settled down enough to come along. (We’ll be working on that in the new year, trust us. She’s so smart and already knows so many words and commands. She just needs a little time to grow up—our much-loved golden retriever, Molly, was a puppy until she hit 1 1/2, and we expect Shiloh, who’ll ultimately be even bigger, to take longer—and consistent training.) Meanwhile, we’re sure of one thing: Being reunited with her will be the best Christmas present ever!

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1. Dave@TheHomeGarden - December 24, 2009

I’m sure Shiloh will be well taken care of! Have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Dave! Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas as well!!!

2. Daphne - December 24, 2009

Our last dog Kayla stayed like a puppy until she was 8 or 9. She did calm down just a touch at age 2 but not much. She was always a handful. She also loved the kennel where we boarded her. We tried having friends take care of her, but that didn’t work. At least she loved where we put her and they loved her too.

Our Molly loved being boarded, too, Daphne—after the first time. I’ll never forget the look of betrayal when I first picked her up. She averted her muzzle and wouldn’t even look at me, then or for days afterward. I’m just hoping Shiloh doesn’t react like that when we get her!

3. jodi (bloomingwriter) - December 24, 2009

Travel safely, both of you–Shiloh will be fine, and more than fine, and you have the joyous reunion to look forward to. Happy Christmas!

Thanks, Jodi! And a very happy Christmas to you and all yours as well!

4. GrafixMuse - December 24, 2009

Oh I completely understand your dilemma with spending Christmas with both your family and Shiloh. Bradie is very important to K and I. Unfortunately, my family does not like dogs and my sister-in-law has rather severe allergies. So K and I are splitting up the Christmas Eve visits, he will visit his family where Bradie is welcomed among the children and other furkids, and I will visit my family. Then we will reunite Christmas Day in the late afternoon to spend the rest of the day together.

Shiloh knows you love her and you will have a happy reunion when you return. Merry Christmas!

Great Solution, GrafixMuse! And a very merry Christmas to you all and Bradie as well!!!

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