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Up in the air. January 22, 2010

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben and Silence Dogood were airbound yesterday en route to visit relatives for a long weekend. It had been a long time since we’d flown—over two years—and we’ll admit that we were dismayed by the shabby, rundown appearance of the parts of the airports we were in and the aged interiors of some of the planes. We’d been expecting dreadful check-ins because of all the uproar, but everything went smoothly. What surprised us most, though, was how much less expensive the fares were than they had been last time we flew (same airline, same destination). Curious!

Fortunately, the flights were peaceful and pleasant. OFB, who loves the window seat, enjoyed as always seeing the living map of the land spread out beneath the plane. On the stretch of the flight that flew up over the clouds, Silence pointed out the numerous personalities that seemed to be looking up (or out) from the cloud bank: “Look, there’s Abraham Lincoln! Doesn’t that look like Darwin? Yow, it’s Richard Nixon!”

But the most startling sight occurred as the first plane was coming into Philadelphia. Our friend Ben saw what appeared to be a glittering plain stretching out below, with sparks of reflected sunlight shooting up in endless rows. It was only after some concentrated thought that OFB realized that what we were seeing was sunlight on gravestones; the city of the dead shone like a field of diamonds. Food for thought, and probably poetry, there!



1. Cinj - January 22, 2010

Oh wow, that sounds gorgeous. I bet you wished you’d had a camera with you. I haven’t flown since I was 14 or so so I couldn’t comment on the condition of airports or anything but I do remember when we got up about the clouds how it looked like an endless plain of snow. It was summer at the time, so I thought it looked beautiful.

Given my lack of camera skills, I never wish I have a camera with me, Cinj! Instead, I always wish that someone who’s a good photographer had captured the same thing I saw and that I come upon the photo unexpectedly, in a book or shop, and can be thrilled and surprised all over again! And yes, the cloud plains are beautiful.

2. Barbee' - January 22, 2010

During one flight a few years ago, I noticed how beautiful and dazzling was the sun above a continuous stretch of clouds. That message sank into my brain and has been recalled a number of times during difficult times of life – above the clouds the sun is always shining.

So true, Barbee’! Far better than the proverbial silver lining!

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