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A wedding cheesecake. January 27, 2010

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Silence Dogood here. While flying home on Sunday, I noticed that the woman in the next row up was reading a brides’ magazine. There was the photo of the stereotypical tiered white wedding cake (with a second tiered chocolate cake also pictured for variety).

As it happens, I’m actually fond of vanilla cake with white icing. But glimpsing that photo through the space between seats brought on one of those “Eureka!” flashes. The actual photo faded from mind, replaced by a glorious mental picture of a tiered wedding cheesecake.

Cheesecake is one of those sinful indulgences that I really love, but almost never eat, so in my mind it takes on almost mythical qualities of deliciousness and specialness, two qualities that every wedding cake ought to have. The cheesecake that I love is the denser, drier, almost flaky vanilla cheesecake that I always think of, rightly or wrongly, as New York style. It has that rich, creamy, old ivory color that speaks of the wealth of sensation waiting in every lingering bite. Like old money, it needs no ostentatious display, since what it is in its essence is already the best.

However. Good as it is, simply slapping a cheesecake on the wedding table would never do. This is, after all, a wedding cheesecake. The cheesecake I envision is tiered. Only the bottom tier has the Graham-cracker crust; the upper tiers are pure cheesecake. Each tier is glazed (on the top only) with a gorgeous coat of orange marmalade, the rich golds and oranges bringing out the lush creaminess of the cheesecake’s color. And around the bottom is a wreath of rosebuds nestled in sprays of rose leaves. The rosebuds alternate: one that matches the golden cream color of the cheesecake itself, followed by a pink rosebud, then a peach rosebud, and so on around the wreath, set off by the dark, glossy green of the foliage. (Can’t you just see the bride in an old ivory dress with a matching bouquet?)

Does this sound luscious and delightful to anyone but me? And is anyone else so food-obsessed that they match the bride’s outfit to the cake, rather than the other way ’round? Oh, well.

I’m not about to try to tell you how to make such a splendid cake—I’m no caterer—but in case reading this post has made you hungry for a slice (or two) of cheesecake, I will share a cheesecake recipe from my good friend Sarah Price. Unlike many cheesecake recipes I’ve seen, this one is so easy, you have no excuse not to make it. Or, as Anna Thomas says when introducing her (quite elaborate) chocolate cheesecake in The Vegetarian Epicure, Book Two, “You only live once, so do it.”  

               Sarah’s Simple Cheesecake

3 8-ounce packages cream cheese, at room temperature

5 large eggs (may reduce to 3 for a less eggy taste, but try all 5 the first time and see what you think)

1 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla (I’d make it a tablespoon, but then, I love vanilla!)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Butter a 9-inch springform pan (a round cake pan also works). Beat cheese until smooth. Add remaining ingredients, and beat until smooth and thick. Pour into pan. Bake 1 1/2 hours. Cool and chill, then remove sides of pan, slice, and serve. (If using a regular cake pan, slice, lift, and serve right from the pan.)

See how easy that was?! And if anyone wants to try my wedding cheesecake, I tell you, it’s bound to take the bridal world by storm. All I ask is, won’t you save a slice for me (and maybe two for OFB)?

          ‘Til next time,




1. nancybond - January 27, 2010

Oh my goodness, wouldn’t that be beautiful?! And DECADENT! As one who used to decorate wedding cakes, keeping it cool would be a challenge, but the flowers could all be made ahead of time. And I do LOVE that colour combination. 🙂

Excellent point, Nancy, and from one who knows! The temperature of the cake would never have occurred to me. I was actually thinking of real flowers (which is why they were only around the bottom instead of topping each tier), purely for beauty’s sake. And I too love that color combination!

2. Becca - January 27, 2010

Drool. Drool. Step out to the grocery store…your idea is divine and I never knew cheesecake could be so easy! I could totally make that for me–I mean, me and James–tonight. 🙂 And that has no crust at all, does it? I would make it a tablespoon as well. 🙂

I swear, Sarah’s is the only easy cheesecake recipe I’ve ever seen! Most of them seem to take up pages of directions. And you’re right, this one is crustless, but I don’t know why you couldn’t make it with a Graham cracker crust if you wanted one. Let me know how you and James like it! And you know, Becca, you could always bake it with an “icing” of your yummy homemade pumpkin butter on top!

3. donamasita - January 27, 2010

This is a very original idea! And by reading the recipe it seems delicious!!

I leave you a link to my website http://www.donamasita.com/en/ I think that what you’d get to see would give you a lot of ideas!

Best wishes,

Doña Masita

Thanks, Dona Masita! Your website is fantastic. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes, too!

4. Becca - January 28, 2010

haha! I was thinking just that about the pumpkin butter! James even found whipping cream on sale. I told another online friend about the recipe and she’s going to make one tonight as well. We’ll let you know all right how much we love it… 🙂

YUM!!! Cheesecake with pumpkin butter and whipped cream!!! Heaven!!!

5. Jen - January 28, 2010

Wow what a great idea to have it as a wedding cake! with rosebuds!Great to have a basic recipe to play with. My grandmother made a cheesecake that was similar with no crust – only difference was that it had a sour cream topping. She always served it with fresh strawberries. This seems so simple & versatile, I bet you could fix it up lots of ways

Thanks, Jen! I always loved the sour-cream topping, too, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work for a wedding cake. But with lots of strawberries (or raspberries) it would look gorgeous!

6. Wonder Cheesecake « BrightHaven Days - January 28, 2010

[…] Silence posted her good friend Sarah’s cheesecake recipe. Unfortunately for me, I read all about it. Even more unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that […]

7. Tatyana - January 29, 2010

You need to patent your wedding cheesecake!

Ha, I would if I could make and market it, Tatyana! But as always, getting from here (the idea) to there (the profitable reality) is beyond me, so I might as well open the floor to those who are better at it than I ever will be. Better for an idea to find its way in the world, even if I never manage to profit from it, than to wither and die in the confines of my brain because I can imagine it but can’t create it! (Sigh. Donations welcome… )

8. Sarah - January 29, 2010

Happily imagining the wedding cheesecake. And then…
well …. haven’t made that recipe in years. Glad you’re still enjoying it. I like it best adorned with fresh garden strawberries.

Ha! Thanks, Sarah, and thanks for sharing the luscious recipe! Strawberries have been mentioned often as toppings, and of course I can see that. But I’m still thinking of that marmalade…

9. Michele - March 4, 2013

I’m super excited to try your cheesecake recipe, because although I don’t love cheesecake myself, my husband absolutely does. His birthday is next week and he asked that I make a flaky New York cheesecake for him. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! Can’t wait to give it a whirl!

found you via goole

Hope your husband loves it, Michele!

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