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More wild and woolly blog searches. April 27, 2010

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Here at Poor Richard’s Almanac, the wacky and wonderful blog searches continue to pour over the virtual transom. Before our virtual inbox spills over, we thought we’d better share some of the best with you. As always, original search phrase in bold, our response following. Enjoy!

poor richer’s almanac: In the “a penny saved is still 99 cents shy of a dollar” mode.

richard’s almanac meaning of many dishes: We were bemused by this, but suspected a Ben Franklin quote lurking in the wings. Sure enough, turns out our wise hero and blog mentor said “Many dishes, many diseases” long before modern doctors blamed a host of ailments on overeating and rich food. (In old Ben’s day, anyone who could afford “many dishes” went for the richest his cook could provide, typically smothered in creamy sauces. And of course, each course was served with ample alcohol, since water was—quite rightly at the time—considered to carry disease.)

doctors apron leather i want a doctorate: Well so do we, but you can keep the leather apron.  

how to fix dry mac and cheese: Easy! Just let it cook an hour or two longer than the directions recommend.

zucchini 500 wheels: Not fans of zucchini (except in zucchini bread and the golden variety, which can be cooked like summer squash), this search at first terrorized us with visions of untold quantities of zucchini on the move, possibly to a location near us. But fortunately, our friend and blog contributor Richard Saunders recalled that every year, nearby Easton, PA hosts “The Zucchini 500,” a competitive race featuring—you guessed it—highly decorated zucchini “racecars.” And never fear, Richard reassures the searcher, you provide the decorations, but the event organizers supply the zucchinis and wheels.

remove pet vomit from corderoy [sic]: Remove it yourself.

king tut almanac: This will be our next blog. We’ll begin each post with a video of ourselves singing “Walk Like an Egyptian,” and end it by singing “King Tut.” 

tofu truth: Hmmm. “A damp, spongy, tasteless version of the truth that can appear in many guises, especially when you least expect it”?

mrs buff arfington: That’s one confused chicken. One more time, that would be “Orpington.” So stop the barking.

peach grandmother wedding: Just make sure Granny signs a prenup.

And, of course, the ever-popular eating poison ivy: Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

That’s it for this round. But we’re sure that, even as we write, more are winging our way!



1. nancybond - April 27, 2010

My gosh, you do get some good ones! “Peach grandmother wedding”? Better peach than old and grey, I suppose. Hee! I’ve had some interesting ones, but none as entertaining as yours. 😉

We sure seem to get the classics, Nancy!

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