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Baby please don’t go. May 31, 2010

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood (along with our friend Ben and Richard Saunders) here. Please forgive the Led Zeppelin ref, we just couldn’t resist. Sunday, a fellow blogger kindly linked to one of our posts here at Poor Richard’s Almanac because it was germane to her topic. We were thrilled, and will tell you all about it in our next post. But for now, we want to harp on one of the saddest things we know about blogging, which Entangled’s linked post brought to the forefront once again.

You see, Entangled linked not only to one of our recipe posts but to several relevant recipe posts. I wouldn’t be Silence Dogood if I could resist a good recipe, so I rushed to click on one of the links, which led me to a wonderful blog with really wonderful recipes called Salt and Pepper. (More on this in the next post, too.) I thought the recipe looked great, and was checking out the lineup of previous posts when I saw that the posts stopped abruptly in April.

Oh, no. I clicked on the April posts and saw a couple, with the usual disclaimer that the blogger had tired of writing posts and pretty much struggled to keep the blog alive for another year or so, then given up. I clicked back through the previous months when the blogger had posted anything, and she was right: She hadn’t really been motivated to write much of anything for two years, after blogging faithfully and fabulously since 2006.

Our friend Ben, Richard Saunders, and I have encountered this tragedy before. We were going to name names in this post, lamenting some of our favorite blogs that seemed to be in demise, but decided in favor of generic comments, since sometimes blogs do in fact come back to life, and we don’t want to seem to be criticizing anyone by pointing a finger at them for falling off.

God knows, blogging is work, and the chances of it paying off in terms of income or fame are right up there with winning the lottery. Either you blog because you have something to say and you love the reader interaction or you stop blogging because a) you thought blogging made bazillion dollars and gee, you haven’t seen a cent come in yet or b) it’s too time-consuming and you have better things to do.

But we just hate it when our favorite blogs go dark, with no new posts for months or—worse—an announcement that this is the end for the blog. Or they shift focus and become commercial outlets rather than personal blogs. (This is quite another matter if the blog is an outreach for a commercial venture to begin with, but please, don’t stop being your wonderful selves and switch to “Buy this! Buy this!” all the time. Instead, set up a commercial blog for your stuff and keep your original blog for yourselves.)

We have seen blogs revive after dramatic announcements that they were quitting for good, or make strong comebacks after months of sporadic posting. But these are the exceptions. So often, once someone drifts away from the discipline of blogging, they find it too challenging to come back to it. It was fun when they started, but now they’ve found other things to do. They’ve moved on. If we’re lucky, they keep their blog and its archive of delightful posts up for us to continue to enjoy and learn from. But we miss them, the freshness, the sense of presence and interaction.

So, if you’re blogging, please don’t go. We know it’s not easy speaking into the void, putting yourself, your passions and projects, out into cyberspace and hoping that someone will hear you, find you, like you. But they do. They will. And, like us, they’d hate to see you go.



1. Elephant's Eye - May 31, 2010

Edith Hope? MIA. Last seen taking a bus from Budapest to London. Said she’d be away for 10 days … That is one I am really missing.

I agree, Diana! Two of our faves, Roberts Roost and Weed Whackin’ Wenches, also seem to have fallen into disuse, and we miss them terribly, though we suspect that Alan Roberts is busy posting over at Not Dabbling in Normal (and, ahem, farming). We understand that the Wenches have become enamored of Facebook. Traitors! But maybe they’ll all be back. We hope so!

2. Tatyana - May 31, 2010

Nice post! Blogging is time-consuming, indeed! I have two blogs – my garden blog, in English, and my about everything blog, in Russian. I didn’t post on my second blog as regular as I did on MySecretGarden. I didn’t want that blog to die, so I started to post short stories “Three happy moments” about my everyday ordinary things which made me feel good. It worked! Posting about those happy moment makes me feel happy, and I get more comments than on some big posts.

Yes, what a great idea, Tatyana! I love the idea of happy posts. Thinking of reasons to be happy and/or grateful is such an easy, upbeat way to turn off negative thinking. Good for you!

3. Gail - May 31, 2010

Blogging is hard work! I tried to blog everyday a long time ago and it tuckered me out. One thing that has helped me continue is to post regularly, but if I have a really full schedule I feel free to skip a day. Many of the long time bloggers are seen regularly at Twitter. I am glad you aren’t planning to quit~I would miss the heck out of you three;) xogail

Gack, no, we didn’t mean to suggest that WE were quitting, Gail! We have such big mouths that we couldn’t imagine shutting up for any reason. But we think it’s fine not to post daily. “Regularly” is the key, so fans of your blog (like us) can be reassured that we’ll find new posts when we check in. Twitter is more than we can face, Luddites that we are. (Though we do have our own personal Twitter network in the form of our three talkative parakeets, Taco, Belle and Laredo.) But clearly, bloggers find new worlds to conquer in cyberspace. If we were counselling you on how to build a marketing platform, we’d be telling you to exploit every one of them. But as simple readers, we beg you to keep on keeping on with Clay and Limestone!!!

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