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Where do violet seeds come from? August 14, 2010

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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It’s once again time to share the latest round of wacky blog searches, those wild and crazy search engine phrases that pour in over the virtual transom here at Poor Richard’s Almanac. As always, search phrase in bold, our response following. Enjoy!

pictures of blithe on tomatoes: Afraid we don’t do pictures here at PRA. But we do feel pretty blithe after eating vine-ripe, sunwarmed tomatoes!

thai seasoning substitute: Why stop with a substitute seasoning? Go for a substitute for Thai food while you’re at it! We suggest Kentucky Fried Chicken with a Dunkin’ Donuts chaser.

what color eyes do cats have: Once again, there’s a Darwin Awards candidate born every minute. We suggest that you find some cats and look. “What color eyes don’t cats have?” would be a better question.

why is mayonnaise so good: We suspect that this is a rhetorical question. At least, we hope so.

was scott nearing fake? This one brought to mind a picture of the venerated homesteader/author as a mannequin or Stepford man, but we do understand what the query was getting at, which is: Did the man who pretty much launched the Back to the Land Movement, documented in classic inspirational books like Living the Good Life, walk the talk? Or was he faking it? The answer is a qualified no: He wasn’t faking it, in the sense that he truly believed in the principles of self-sufficiency and hard work, and he did work hard on his homesteads in Vermont and Maine, starting back in the 1930s, long before it became trendy. But—and there are plenty of buts—Scott and Helen Nearing weren’t your typical Hippie homesteaders trying to scratch a living out of a barren piece of ground. Both came from privileged cosmopolitan backgrounds and had worldwide connections before they ever began their homesteading experiment. They spent 6 months a year working on their place and writing, and 6 months travelling through Europe, staying with friends. Even when they were on the home place, they had plenty of free labor in the form of worshipful admirers who’d drop by for a visit and stay to help out, sometimes for years, in return for food and a place to pitch their tents. Someone trying to make it in isolation, on his own, with nothing but his own hands to help him, might well have posed the question.

how do you spell aire? A-I-R-E. Next question?

pet names for ben: Our friend Ben’s own favorite appellations are Supreme Lord of the Universe, Arbiter of Taste, and Nobel Laureate/MacArthur Fellow. Unfortunately, even our worshipful dog, Shiloh, has yet to utter even one of these “pet names” in support of yours truly. As for Silence Dogood, her contributions to the “pet names for Ben” category have been ruthlessly deleted.

untrue facts about pirates: We think “untrue facts” has taken reporting to a whole new level.

where do violet seeds come from? As we understand it, a stork descends and sprinkles them around each violet plant.

baked brie plum jam puff pastry: Silence and our friend Ben would like to say that we don’t find this to be a wacky blog search at all, but have included it in the hope that someone will be inspired to send us one of these delicious creations posthaste. Baked brie with marmalade or chutney in puff pastry would also be much appreciated.

That’s it for this batch! We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.



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