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National Dog Day August 26, 2010

Posted by ourfriendben in pets, wit and wisdom.
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Hi everybody! I’m Pioneer Hawk’s Haven Shiloh von Shiloh Special (that’s just Shiloh to you), the black German shepherd who shares the lives and home of our friend Ben and Silence Dogood. I’m guest-posting today because this is National Dog Day!

Now, I of course think that every day should be National Dog Day. But if there can only be one, I’d like to make sure that everyone who has a dog knows about it and makes the day special for their beloved companion.

Please start the day by giving your dog a special treat. We love treats! If you’re buying a treat, how about a bag of sweet potato chews or blueberry drops or my very favorite, the wild cherry bones that have lots of good stuff for our hips? Silence is always going on about how my joints are vulnerable since I’m such a big dog, and how the vets haven’t come up with hip replacement surgery for dogs so we have to be extra careful. So she feeds me big dog food with glucosamine and chondroitin and makes sure I get a yummy cherry bone every day.

I also love most fruits and veggies, boiled new potatoes, bread, pizza crusts, cheese, and eggs (raw and hardboiled), in case you’re stumped for a treat for your dog. And I really, really love plain yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk! Naturally, if OFB and Silence are eating something, I tend to assume it’s a really good treat for me, too, unless it’s pasta or rice. People are weird sometimes.

Now that we’ve gotten the treat category out of the way, let’s move on to toys. Silence and OFB refer to me as The Toyminator because I’ve never met a toy I couldn’t kill. But that’s not because I don’t love toys. I just tend to love them to death. My favorites are big, tough rope toys, bones, supposedly indestructible squeak toys (yeah, right, just give me a few hours), soft-cloth flying discs, and super-tough rubber Kong toys, “tires,” and hoops.

Well, that’s a lie. My all-time favorite toys are interactive, aka our three cats. But for some reason neither the cats nor OFB and Silence seem especially happy when I try to play with them. I also enjoy playing with the cats’ toys, even though they’re minute compared to mine, and have managed to pretty much decimate all of them. The cats are so greedy, they don’t like to share their toys with me. I think they need to be sent to remedial manners class.

Anyway, I urge you to get your dog lots of treats and toys, not just today but every day. And please, take your dog out and have some fun! I love running, swimming, catching a Frisbee, walking in our little neighborhood park with OFB, and visiting with my neighboring dog friends. And, oh yes, I enjoy showing off my smarts and doing some blow-your-mind tricks, too. Just remember to shower me with praise and affection after my performances.

Affection: That’s what it all comes down to. Please remember to shower your dog with love and affection, today and every day. We love you so! Give us a nice brushing, rub our bellies, stroke our ears, tell us you love us. Talk to us, sing to us, dance with us, walk with us, play with us. No one will ever love you more, and more uncritically, than we do. So please, on National Dog Day, let us know you know that.

Your friend,




1. CChinese Gordon - August 26, 2010

How many bytes did Shiloh use for this?

Ouch! Ouch!!!

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