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Scary blog searches. September 16, 2010

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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We here at Poor Richard’s Almanac are back with the latest crop of wacky blog searches to have come over our virtual transom. This batch is scarier than most, as we think you’ll see. Too bad it’s not Hallowe’en! As always, query in bold, our comments following. Enjoy!

can you give your dog tin cat food:  No, and don’t try it on your cat, either. We know minerals are supposed to be good for you, but eating tin is an idea only an alchemist could love.

cure for garlic breath in your fridge: Please tell your fridge to brush its teeth and tongue daily, preferably with baking soda. If it doesn’t notice an improvement in five days, it should give up garlic and take up mint instead.

what is colege for: Um, we think you’ve answered that better than we ever could. But no worries, we hear Wal-Mart has openings for greeters.

ping pong grow “brain cell” 2010: Oh, dear. And here we love ping-pong. It’s going to be much harder to hit those ping-pong balls knowing that they’ve somehow managed to grow brains…

when do stink bugs go away: Try telling them you’ve heard there’s a Miss Stinkbug contest going on at some casino in Atlantic City and that every stinkbug gets free food and $250 in gambling money. That should do the trick.

history of scrotch tape: Thank God for that “s”!!!!

That’s it for this batch. See you next time!



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