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Stinkbugs: The invasion has started. September 21, 2010

Posted by ourfriendben in critters, homesteading, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Alert readers may recall an earlier post, “The stinkbugs are coming!”, in which I quoted entomologists who predicted “an epic year for stinkbugs.” Well, they’re here.

I can’t look up without seeing the ominous shield-shaped silhouette on a window, screen or door. Every time I open a door, one of the evil creatures blasts inside the house, however fast I close it. (In my opinion, stinkbugs don’t fly; they simply blast off from wherever they’re lurking with a roar like a gunning motorcycle, and shoot forward to their next location, which all too often is the front of your shirt.)

This forces me to seize the intruder stinkbug and hurl it back out the door. (I can’t say what the stinkbugs make of this experience, but having to touch a live stinkbug ranks right up there with picking up after the dog or cleaning up hairballs as far as I’m concerned.) One especially audacious stinkbug buzzed right back into the house after its first expulsion, again before I could shut the door, and I had to touch it twice. Eeeewwww!!!!

Yesterday had to be the worst ever, stinkbug-wise. I needed to run errands in town, so I opened the front door, kicking stinkbugs away from the sill as I went out. (Fortunately, none made it inside that time.) I opened the car door; there was a stinkbug inside the door. I stopped for gas; there was a stinkbug on the gas pump. After pumping the gas, I decided to clean the windshields: There were two stinkbugs on the front windshield and one on the rear. And on it went. Worst of all, a stinkbug landed on me while I was reading in bed and the hapless OFB had just fallen asleep. My bloodcurdling scream probably deprived him of at least three of his nine lives (though after recovering his wits, even Ben had to acknowledge that I couldn’t help it).   

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I hate stinkbugs!!! Go away, you evil things. Find something better to do with yourselves, like plunging en masse into the ocean. At least take up a useful hobby like eating poison ivy or kudzu. It’s starting to look like a very bad fall…

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1. mr_subjunctive - September 21, 2010

One especially audacious stinkbug buzzed right back into the house after its first expulsion, again before I could shut the door, and I had to touch it twice.

Sounds like somebody’s got a crush . . .

Gulp! Let’s hope not…

2. h.ibrahim - September 22, 2010

I don’t know what sink bugs are but we have to find a more compassionate solution….perhaps they are useful for something? perhaps they are part of some ecological strategy?

They might be useful or part of an ecological strategy in their native land, but once they were introduced here, minus whatever curbs their growth there, they’ve been an unqualified disaster for fruit and vegetable growers and are spreading ferociously. To make matters worse, they move en masse into people’s homes for the fall and winter. We don’t squash them or—eeewww—vacuum them up as some people do, but apparently if you try either of those things, the bugs smell horrible, thus their name.

3. Victoria - September 22, 2010

Ewww…….glad we don’t have a stinkbug problem around here!

Lucky you, Victoria! Like Japanese beetles, it’s a problem nobody needs!

4. Patricia Carey - September 22, 2010

We are using mint alcohol to spray them and it works, they flip around for a few seconds and then die, we are having a terrible time with them here in Virginia and driving us crazy.Our screened in deck is just full of them everyday and sure hope it will come to an end soon.

Thanks for the tip, Patricia! By today, I was trying to keep out about 40 on the front door and 30 on the back door. And that’s not counting the dozens on the windows, walls, and deck. Aaarrgghhh!!!!!

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