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Good luck with not cooking. September 25, 2010

Posted by ourfriendben in homesteading, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Ever had a problem with too much good homemade food almost exploding from your fridge? Well, join the club.

Here at Hawk’s Haven, my love of cooking has collided with the harvest abundance to create a crisis situation. Since there are only two of us—me and our friend Ben—to eat my creations, our fridge is overflowing with homemade spaghetti sauce and Red, White and Gold Pasta Sauce, salsa verde (I’m trying to find an “open” night to make bean and Mexican cheese burritos to go with our tomatillo harvest’s bounty), chili, vegetable curry, dal, and mac’n’cheese. We’ve tried to share the bounty with friends and neighbors, given away take-home containers, invited folks for supper, everything. But our fridge is still at explosion point. And to make matters worse, our next-door neighbors just gifted us with a big container of pasta salad and three-bean salad and a plate with bazillion desserts.

OFB has now forbidden me to cook anything new until we’ve managed to eat all the food already calling our names from the fridge. But, as a friend said, “Good luck with not cooking.” I concur. Those burritos are calling my name. The weather has finally cooled down, and I’m dying for roasted vegetables. It’s been three weeks since I’ve made pizza. We need to find a way to enjoy and distribute the food that’s now in the fridge so we can make space for new delights. Sounds to me like a lot of dinner guests are in order.

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1. Barbee' - September 25, 2010

That reminds me of something I saw in a movie. I don’t remember if it was “The Gods Must Be Crazy” one or number two. Poachers had killed a huge elephant for its tusks. The men of a frugal tribe of very small people were running around telling people, “Come help us eat the elephant.”

Oh, my, Barbee’! That must have been the sequel (I hadn’t realized there was one), since I saw (and loved) the original and know I would have remembered a scene like that!

2. Kulsum at JourneyKitchen - September 25, 2010

The crazy thing is sometimes the fridge is overflowing with food and in other times it feels as empty! Empty one scares the hell out of me. I swear I feel like I’m deprived or something, have tantrums and feel low. When, I see those red yellow and green bell peppers smiling back at me or fresh tomatoes, anything fresh and edible makes me smile. Feels like the world is after all not all that bad.

I totally agree, Kulsum! Just today I panicked because, for the first time I can recall, I had NO onions in the house! Happiness is a full larder (but not an exploding refrigerator…).

3. h.ibrahim - September 26, 2010

i wish i had this problem—–sometimes cooking is a chore.

Where is the happy medium? When I read about or see intriguing restaurants, I always think, I wish I could try that…

4. Jen - September 29, 2010

Love it, Silence. When the kids ask what’s for dinner on those nights I tell them they’re “fending”. That’s when the fridge is full of leftovers, and we’re all fending for ourselves.

“Fending.” Ha!!! I’ll bet the kids love getting to pick out what they eat!

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