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The drought drags on. September 26, 2010

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Dear God,

Given that it’s Sunday, we at Hawk’s Haven thought it would be an appropriate time to mention a situation here that You might have overlooked, given Your busy schedule. It’s certainly something we’ve been missing around here: rain. Try though we might, we can’t remember it raining more than twice here all summer, and mind You, we live in the normally verdant countryside of Southeastern Pennsylvania, not the Mojave Desert.

This endless drought has desiccated our landscape and decimated our vegetable garden. Our poor little stream, Hawk Run, has been dry all summer, causing untold hardship to the fish, frogs, crayfish, and innumerable other wildlife that make their homes in it, not to mention the birds, butterflies, dragonflies, toads, and other creatures who depend on it for rehydration and food. Just as a reminder, we’re all on wells out here, and we’re getting quite nervous about our water levels. (Our next-door neighbor just drained her well last week after abruptly deciding to power-wash her house.) Yes, of course we have rain barrels, but they’re not too useful when there isn’t any rain.

It’s not that we’re ungrateful for the upsides of the drought. Our friend Ben is thrilled to have not had to mow the lawn for the past three months. The endless parade of clear, humidity-free days has meant that Silence Dogood has had fewer sinus headaches this season than either of us can ever remember. And we’ve enjoyed sitting out on the deck night after night watching the sunset with our black German shepherd, Shiloh.

But it’s not just about us, Lord. It’s about this beautiful little piece of paradise you’ve entrusted to our care, and the millions of plant, animal, and insect lives that depend on it. We can’t do our job without a little help from You.

Thanking You in advance,

            Our friend Ben and Silence Dogood


1. Elephant's Eye - September 26, 2010

The well is nearly dry, and she had to powerwash her house …?! Is that allowed? Don’t you have drought restrictions on the water use?

You’d think so, Diana, but remember, this is out here in the boondocks. The next-to-next-door neighbor beside her, who’s in her late 80s, whispered to me that she’d forbidden her 90-year-old husband to spray-wash their driveway this year because she had conerns about the drought. Unbelievable! Who on earth would wash their driveway under any circumstances?!! But at least even the oldest generation seems to be waking up to the environmental threat…

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