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Sock it to ’em. January 5, 2011

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Our friend Ben often wonders what people are thinking, but perhaps never more than a few days ago, when a “This Just In” bulletin arrived via e-mail from our local newspaper, the Allentown, PA Morning Call. The lead story was reported as follows:

Police: Woman stabs boyfriend in Bethlehem. Bethlehem [PA] police have charged a woman with attempted homicide, saying she stabbed her boyfriend numerous times New Year’s Day after he refused to beat up someone else like [sic] she wanted.”

Sheesh. Surely the woman in question was more than qualified to tackle the object of her ire all by herself, and much more effectively than her unfortunate boyfriend! “If you want a job done right, do it yourself” was never more apt.

As for the hapless boyfriend, some advice: In some cases, a timely exit is a lot better than sustaining an argument against unwinnable odds. Nobody likes a sore loser.



1. Cinj - January 6, 2011

Wow, that is some story. I would have to wonder about her sanity if she insists her boyfriend has to defend her. Is she some southern belle from the 1800’s or something? If so, why would you stab the boyfriend? Multiple personality disorder? I’d run right out the door if I were that guy, get a restraining order, and never look back…

Me too, Cinj!!! Yikes!!!

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