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Yaktrax to the rescue. January 22, 2011

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As our friend Ben types, 8 to 10 inches of snow, ice, and howling winds which the weather folks say will drop temps below zero tonight are circling Hawk’s Haven, the cottage home I share with Silence Dogood in the precise middle of nowhere, PA. Sensible people would batten down the hatches and stay inside. But our dog Shiloh needs to go out at regular intervals, our outdoor cat, Dixie, and our chickens need fresh water, our feeder birds need to have their birdseed replenished, we need to check on the plants in our greenhouse, and, oh yes, we need to get the mail. Staying indoors just isn’t an option.

Lucky for us, we have two layers of footgear that keep us from breaking our necks on treacherous, icy paths: first, our Muck Boots, which stay insulated and warm despite the cold, and second, our Yaktrax Pro add-ons, which slip over the soles of our boots, strap over the tops, and keep us from slipping and sliding.

Yaktrax Pros saved our friend Ben’s neck yet again this past week when freezing rain over snow turned our backyard into an ice rink, causing even Shiloh (who is naturally better stabilized on four feet) to slide around like a first-time skater. But my footing was secure, thanks to the criss-crossing metal coils that give Yaktrax Pros their grip. Silence and I got ours from Cabela’s (www.cabelas.com), where they cost $29.95, a great investment in remaining alive and unbroken in our view. You can purchase the lighter Yaktrax Walkers from Cabela’s for $19.95 if you don’t need the heavy-duty version.

There are other types of these boot-enhancers on the market; you can read about two by searching our search bar at upper right for our earlier post, “In praise of Yaktrax.” If you live where ice is an issue, we can’t recommend that you get some version of them strongly enough. Thanks, Yaktrax! Now if you’d just make a version for dogs…



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