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Week in Review at PRA: January 17-23. January 23, 2011

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Our friend Ben, Silence Dogood, and Richard Saunders, your bloggers here at Poor Richard’s Almanac, have decided to recap each week’s posts here every Sunday so readers can see at a glance if they’ve missed anything worth reading. Here’s this week’s worth of posts in brief. You can find the posts by simply scrolling down, or by typing the titles in our search bar at upper right. Enjoy!

Happy 305th birthday, Ben! Our hero and blog mentor, the great Benjamin Franklin, celebrated his 305th birthday on January 17. We invite you to join the party by providing a selection of Ben’s greatest quotes.

James Madison’s favorite food. Silence Dogood shares a bit about America’s puniest President, James Madison, and his favorite foods, along with food faves of some of our other Founders, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin.

Farewell to books and DVDs. Our friend Ben read that one of our favorite services, Netflix, is planning to discontinue its DVD service in favor of direct-streamed videos, and ponders if—thanks to the e-reader phenomenon—books will soon be going the same way.

An older married wombat. OFB ponders the unfortunate fate of Tasmanian devils, and segues into the vicissitudes of language use and abuse. 

Leftover roasted veggies. Our friend Huma made more roasted vegetables than she knew what to do with. Silence helps her out with a slew of suggestions for great uses for roasted veggies.

Yaktrax to the rescue. OFB and Silence owe their lives to Yaktrax, the boot add-ons that help even the most uncoordinated keep their footing on winter ice.

Tell me why: Big Ben. It’s big, but why is it Ben? OFB ponders the stories behind Big Ben, the clock, Big Ben, the quarterback, and the biggest Ben of all, Benjamin Franklin.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for joining us!


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