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The python purse, or a new car? January 30, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Our friend Ben is an enthusiastic Wall Street Journal reader, while I tend to prefer our local paper. Our agreement is that we’ll share anything of interest in our paper with each other. However, I usually can’t resist poking my head over OFB’s shoulder when I see that the WSJ has a feature on food or trends.

Yesterday, they had a feature in their “Off Duty” section in which six top chefs created their own versions of Super Bowl sandwiches, so I snatched that section despite a torrent of protests and checked it out. (The most intriguing, from Chef Josef Centeno of Lazy Ox Canteen, involved layering homemade nettle pesto, whipped ricotta, homemade pickled shallots, dressed arugula or watercress, and Serrano ham on a sliced baguette. I’d have snatched that up in a heartbeat if the ham had been replaced with, say, sliced tomato. But I could also see the unfortunate murder trial if someone had just spent the last 59 hours making all those elaborate fillings, then triumphantly produced a platter of sandwiches at game time, to be met with “Thanks, Hon! You didn’t forget the chips and dip, didja? Oh, and Joey here wants a hotdog instead…”)

But I digress. I’d also noticed that the section had a feature on the comeback barrettes were making, and since I have many amazing barrettes, I turned to that page next. Only to be stopped cold by what I saw at the bottom of the page under the heading “Well Spent” (!!!). The piece showed five brightly colored python bags, which apparently are “the ideal accessory to invest in right now.” The price of the bags ranged from a modest $2,290 to $8,520.

Whipping out my handy calculator, I decided to see how much it would cost to “invest” in one of each. The grand total: $22,740. Money well spent, don’t you think? Proceeding inexorably to the “If I had $22,740, what would I do with it?” stage, I thought, well, I could buy a new car and still have enough money left over to put a nice cushion in the bank account. Or I could buy a less-used car and have enough money left over to get the outside of our house painted at last. Or I could forget about the car, get the outside of the house painted, buy a new stove and refrigerator, and put the rest in the bank. Or I could continue to patch-paint the outside of the house, get a new stove, fridge, toilet, and washer-dryer, and treat myself and OFB to a long-desired trip to Scotland or Australia or Morocco or Greece or Provence or Tuscany or… Maybe there’d even be enough money left over to fly to wherever the Lazy Ox Canteen is and order a couple of those sandwiches!

Meanwhile, I think I’ll get out some of my barrettes. It’s always nice to be trendy!

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1. Alan - January 30, 2011

Glad you can be “TRENDY”. Barrettes and beards don’t seem to mix…

The most “economical” bag you listed costs more than either of the cars we drive. The most expensive would replace both cars with something at least 10 years younger (though probably not any more reliable…), paint the other half of the house, and take us on a family vacation to DC. (we are open to donations from any organizations who sponsor patheticly poor people trying to go it alone…)
Forget the house repairs/painting. Go on an adventure. Life is short, LIVE

Ha! Good point, Alan! We too are open to any donations!

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