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Do Catholicism and Buddhists have anything in common? February 1, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben apologizes in advance to anyone who thought they were about to read a profound commentary on world religions. (Hint: We would have said “Catholicism and Buddhism” had that been the case.) Instead, it’s once again wacky blog search time here at Poor Richard’s Almanac!

It’s been a while since we last presented a compendium of the wild and wacky search engine terms that bring people here to our blog, because winter apparently brings out the practical in people, and most of the searches over the past few months have been pretty straightforward. But we’ve finally accumulated enough gems to give you another glimpse into the minds lurking out there in the blogosphere. They are out there, people! As always, blog search in bold, our comments following. Enjoy!

kudzu boiling fog food: Rats, we’ve just run out.

do catholicism and buddhists have anything in common: They share the letters “i” and “s.”

oh dear, what a dreary day: This combination of profundity and alliteration puts us to shame.

homely dog names: Buster, Meatball, Hulk, Sweetums, Sluggo, Blackie…

frozen current [sic] nan and cacti graph: Is this a dish, or a trends report? 

plants with the name richard: We don’t actually give our plants names, but now that you mention it, we might be partial to “Richard III” for an especially awkward, troublesome plant that’s always overstepping its boundaries. We’ll keep it in mind.

how to strike olive seeds: Well, you take a hammer…

weird poor richards almandack [sic]: Was that the one that they turned up in King Tut’s tomb? Those hieroglyphics made it so hard to decipher, no wonder people thought it was weird. 

most protective talisman in the world: For our money, a Glock or Smith & Wesson.

can you bring poinsettas [sic] back to life: Not personally, no. Sounds like a job for a Higher Power.

could einstein do maps: We suppose so, but on the whole, think it was probably better that he did physics instead. 

 That’s it for this batch! Stay tuned, we’re sure more wacky blog searches are coming this way!


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