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Batting 250,000. February 5, 2011

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Today, February 5th, our blog, Poor Richard’s Almanac, has reached its third birthday. We have also reached another milestone this week, crossing that coveted (by us, anyway) 250,000-view mark (current stats are 251,108 views, 1,295 posts, and 5,141 comments, not counting spam or our responses).*

We realize that in the cosmic scheme of, say, The Daily Kos or The Huffington Post, 250,000 views is not much to crow about. But your humble bloggers here at Poor Richard’s—our friend Ben, Silence Dogood, and Richard Saunders—are absolutely bursting with pride. And we owe it all to you, our readers, who have endured our quirks, read our posts, and even—when we’re lucky—told us what you thought of them. Thank you, every one!

Blog posts tend to take on a life of their own, and often the ones with the greatest longevity aren’t ones we’d have predicted. To this day, our most popular post remains “Why don’t cats have brown eyes?,” now heading towards 7,000 views. And who’d have thought an obscure post like “Can you grow olive trees from seed?” would have racked up well over a thousand views (so far), or that Silence’s stinkbug posts would (collectively) have accumulated almost 10,000 views?

We, of course, would love it if our witty, thoughtful, and/or profound posts generated the most hits. (Well, our friend Ben would love it if his many posts hinting at how much he’d like to be nominated for a MacArthur Fellowship generated the most hits, but that’s another matter.) But we write, and readers vote with their views. Not that it will stop us from continuing to attempt to be witty, thoughtful, and profound (or, in OFB’s case, from continuing to shamelessly put himself forward for that MacArthur award), but we’ll also continue to provide actually useful and informative posts as well. And we welcome feedback on any topics you’d like for us to tackle or touch on more often as we continue on this journey together!

How do we plan to celebrate these latest milestones? With a quiz, of course! See how well you really know your bloggers. Alas, we can offer no prizes to the winners—we’d mail you a jar of marbles, but with endless ice- and snowstorms predicted, we doubt we’ll be able to leave our respective residences anytime soon—but at least we’ll give you the answers at the end of the quiz. No cheating, now!

1. Silence Dogood most often compares our friend Ben to:

      a. Benjamin Franklin

       b. Mister Magoo

       c. Inspector Clouseau

        d. The Napoleon of Crime

2. Richard Saunders is known for his love of:

      a. pirates

       b. coin collecting

       c. hot peppers

        d. history

3. If a docudrama was made of Silence’s life, our friend Ben would cast which of the following to play Silence:

       a. Kim Kardashian

        b. Beyonce

        c. Liv Tyler

         d. Jessica Biel

4. All of us here at PRA are Sherlock Holmes fanatics. Our ideal Holmes would be played by:

         a. Johnny Depp     

         b. James Frain

         c. Anthony Bourdain

         d. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

5. Silence’s favorite TV chef is:

         a. Guy Fieri

          b. Anthony Bourdain

          c. Ruth Bourdain

           d. Julia Child

6. When on vacation, we’d like to go to:

          a. Williamsburg

           b. Australia

           c. Assisi

           d. Crete 

7. Our hero and blog mentor is:

           a. Benjamin Franklin

            b. Sir Richard Francis Burton

            c. Leonardo da Vinci

             d. Mother Teresa

8. Our all-time favorite musician is:

            a. Bach

            b. Mozart

            c. Mark Knopfler

             d. Ella Fitzgerald

 9. Our friend Ben’s favorite dessert is:

            a. chess pie

             b. fudge pie

             c. soft-serve vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow cream, and whipped cream

              d. pecan pie

10. If Silence and OFB won the lottery, we’d:

                a. Buy a fine Colonial home with ample grounds and lots of outbuildings, with a stream and pond and a fabulous view, plus plenty of space and housing for all our animals.

                  b. Buy a big enough place to hold all of our collections, then ramp up our collections.

                   c. Buy our first-ever new car. 

                    d. Fix up our little place and put the money in the bank.

Well, there you have it! Check out the answers, below, and see how you did. And again, thank you all so very, very much for bringing us to this place. We love you!!!


1-c, though OFB has some of all the others in him, too.

2-all of the above. Richard also collects stamps, Civil War memorabilia, and anything about Ancient Greece.

3-c. Blue eyes, dark hair, fair skin, that’s Silence for you. But OFB would love switching all of them off in different scenes, since I’m convinced they all could bring something of Silence to life onscreen!

4-b. Johnny Depp was our top contender for years, but James Frain’s performance as Cromwell in “The Tudors” convinced us he has the chops for the role like no one else. Silence maintains that Tony Bourdain could be a dark horse for the role, and we all think Jonathan Rhys-Meyers would make a marvelous Moriarty. 

5-d. Much as Silence loves Tony, if there could only be one, it’s Julia hands-down.

6-all of the above. And Greece, Morocco, Normandy, Scotland, that train trip across Canada, Provence, Nova Scotia, Tuscany, Siena, Yorkshire, Mexico… gack. We’re all travel-mad and budget-restricted. Watch out, world, if any of us wins the lottery!

7-a. We revere everyone on this list, but Dr. Franklin is the inspiration for our blog and our lives.

8-b. Oh, really? Again, much as we love Wolfie, we also love more musicians of pretty much all eras and genres than could fit in a file, much less a 4-choice quiz. Please don’t get us started or we’ll never shut up.

9-a. This one was tough, since OFB loves all these selections, as you might have guessed, and with Silence shrieking “But what about Fresh Blueberry Tart and Chocolate Yummy-Rummies and Simms Family Eggnog and Coffee Poundcake and Cheesecake and…” in the background, it was agonizing to try to choose just one. But okay, just one: chess pie. This Southern treasure is to the South what flan is to Central and South America. So simple, but so incredibly delicious. However, OFB would be happy to see an expanded dessert selection, including banana cream pie and chocolate icebox pie and a plate of chocolate turtles as well as all the abovementioned…

10-depends. If we won a ton of money, we’d go for a through c, then fix up our little cottage and give it to our niece. If we won a huge amount, but not quite a ton, we’d go for a through c and give our poor niece the cottage as-is. If we didn’t win so much as all that, maybe we’d go for c and d, and if we won still less, d would definitely be the top option. But hey, whatever the case, free money, free upgrades! We’re definitely game.

* Confusing as this is, we check our rankings by our blog host WordPress’s calculations rather than the SiteMeter stats you can see on this page. That’s because WordPress has been tracking our views from day one, while we’re such Luddites that it took us a couple of months to get the SiteMeter up and running.



1. Barbee' - February 5, 2011

Ha! Fun post!

Thanks, Barbee’!

2. Alan - February 5, 2011

must admit, I didn’t do all that well on the quiz. Guess all these holes in my brain are starting to cause problems. I read your blog to learn new stuff. Even got the answer to a question on the cash cab from your blog. Until reading here I’d never heard of the MacArthur Fellowship (now I want one too, but don’t hold out much hope…)

Keep up the good work. I’d send you some celebratory fudge, but I can’t get out of my driveway.

That’s a relief, Alan (re: quiz)! We didn’t want to bore people with stuff they already knew about us! Our friend Ben swears he’ll promote you for a MacArthur once he’s gotten his own. And we’d love some fudge, but couldn’t get out of our own driveway to pick it up! Thanks for the thought, though…

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