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A cook’s tour: SmartKitchen.com February 19, 2011

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Silence Dogood here, to tell you about the launch of a new online culinary school, Smart Kitchen. Julia Child had Le Cordon Bleu. Anthony Bourdain had the Culinary Institute of America. Now, everybody can have Smart Kitchen (http://www.smartkitchen.com/), where you can learn at your own pace, level, and time, for a subscription fee of $9.99 a month or $99 a year. There are no exams, no chef-professors breathing down your neck or criticizing your deboning skills.

Instead, you can master over 600 culinary topics through their more than 360 instructional and practical videos and library of thousands of recipes. I can’t say it better than they do, so I’ll quote:

“We are a smart online culinary school because we teach the theory of cooking and the practical skills necessary to cook like a professional chef. Our software, which covers just about everything you could learn at a traditional culinary school, allows you to follow a structured lesson plan or to just click around, from the comfort of your own kitchen.

“With all that information and flexibility, Smart Kitchen is a new paradigm and not the typical library of cooking instructions, recipes, or videos of celebrity chefs cooking too quickly. We sort the topics into manageable bites so you can learn from scratch or discover that crucial step you missed on TV (or at Mom’s knee) to gain consistency and confidence in every cooking situation.” Smart Kitchen’s technology is already used by more than 1,600 commercial kitchens to train their chefs, and is used on Air Force One, and now the Smart Kitchen staff has tailored it for the home cook. 

If you’re a visual learner who’s flirted with the idea of taking a cooking class or even enrolling in a culinary course, or someone who loves the cooking shows on TV but wants to learn how the celebs on the shows do what they do, rather than just frantically trying to reproduce the recipes, Smart Kitchen may be just what you need. Head over to their site and take their tour to see what they’re offering for yourself.

Whether you’re a culinary school candidate or not, though, I recommend Smart Kitchen’s blog, hosted by my blogging friend P Chef. P Chef travels the country and beyond checking out great restaurants, cooking competitions, recipes, and the like. His posts are always fun and enlightening. And sometimes, the blog even features a guest post by yours truly on historical cooking topics. Check it out at http://www.smartkitchen.com/blog/.

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1. h.ibrahim - February 20, 2011

What a great idea—just emailed your blog to Rashu!

Good—let me know what he thinks!

2. Hannelie Groenewald - June 14, 2012

A wonderful opportunity to learn the correct way from the basics upwards. I enrolled a few months ago and can just say : “Go for it!” And it is affordable too!

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