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Google still hates us. February 25, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Way back in April 2010, our friend Ben and Silence Dogood wrote a post called “Why does Google hate us?” We had suddenly found it impossible to leave comments on blogs hosted by Google’s Blogger, and found this extremely demoralizing.

Well, now it’s heading toward April 2011, and we still can’t leave comments on many of our favorite blogs. Not that we don’t try, but let us tell you, it’s a trial by fire that often ends with crashing and burning.

We’ve finally learned to look and make sure the word verification is visible on the blogs that have it before writing our comment. (Please refrain from commenting about our collective IQs.) If the word verification word(s) are actually shown—which is all too seldom—we type our comment, type in the word(s), and are almost always told that we typed them incorrectly and to try again with another word or pair of words. Well, excuuuuse us. We’re both writers and editors by profession, and we do know how to spell, not to mention proffread—uh, proofread—what we’ve just written. We did not misspell those damned words. But we dutifully type in the new ones, and our comments sometimes get through.

When the word(s) aren’t visible—just a blank box with a little boxed X in the upper left corner—we’ll try to access the post and the comments section again… and again. We really want to leave a comment! But usually, after three strikes, we’re out. 

We have an even harder time with folks who use Blogger and don’t use word verification. We’ll type a comment, type in our identification, hit “publish comment,” and… nothing. There’s our comment and our ID, as though we’d never tried to post it. So we hit “publish comment” again, a bit more deliberately this time. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, we’ll try again a few more times. (We’re stubborn that way.) But then we give up.

Recently, Blogger has adopted an even more insidious trick to block our comments. When we click on “post a comment,” a screen comes up with a big X in a round circle and the legend “This content cannot be displayed in a frame.” It suggests that we click on a second link to “open this content in a new window,” and when we do, it informs us that we need to sign in to Blogger and they won’t let us because we need to “Please enable JavaScript and cookies in order to use Blogger.” Well, okay, we’ll be the first to admit we’re Luddites, but we do have JavaScript up and running. And we’re not trying to sign in to Blogger, we’re just trying to leave a comment, for mercy’s sakes! GRRRRRRRR.

There is only one thing more aggravating than spending time and thought writing what you hope is an insightful or appreciative comment and watching it simply disappear. And that’s fearing that other bloggers out in cyberspace—people whose thoughts, photos, humor, and writing style you really admire—will think you’re just ignoring them.

So to all our blogging friends who use Blogger as a blog host rather than our own beloved WordPress, we (to borrow a line from Jane Austen’s priceless Mr. Collins) humbly beg leave to apologize. We’re still reading and enjoying, promise. We vow to keep trying to comment. We don’t know why Google hates us.

As for you, Google, shame on you!!! We’ve been devotees of your research function since day one, faithfully heading over many times a day to check out this or that. How could you betray us like this, attempting to crush our outreach efforts like Goliath stomping on David? Please devote a few seconds of your valuable time to improving the WordPress/Blogger interface. Or we’re going to start slinging stones.


1. Becca - February 25, 2011

So funny, Silence! I have resorted to “copying” my comment before hitting “publish.” So frustrating to leave a comment and then get nothing! 😦

Hmmm, good idea, Becca! When you’re as long-winded as we are, it’s especially no fun to see your comments go up in smoke when it may have taken you ten minutes to write them!

2. Dave - February 25, 2011

Blogger does have some issues but I’ve never heard of the circle with an X problem. I sure hope it wasn’t on my blog! I’ve left comments before on blogs and forgot the word verification thing then left the site and come back later to find my comment gone. I hate the fact that the word verification is necessary!

Your blog was okay, Dave, which makes me wonder why some blogs have that circle-X thing and some don’t. I’m just glad yours doesn’t (yet, anyway; I’m sure it’s not a choice!).

3. Christine - February 25, 2011

I couldn’t agree more – it’s frustrating and annoying! So glad someone voiced what I’ve been thinking 🙂

Thanks, Christine! It’s a relief to know we’re not the only ones!

4. Ecological Gardening - February 25, 2011

I blog on blogger, and commenters have had few issues that I know of with my blog.

However, I’ve had trouble with other blogger sites (though not all); sometimes it seems to be a firefox thing. When I switch to safari, comments on these particular blogs post just fine.

It may also partly be the format the blogger has chosen for comments, but this is just speculation.

Thanks, great point! We do have Firefox, so maybe that’s what’s messing us up.

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