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Don’t burn up when the power goes out. April 18, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in homesteading, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. It’s never fun when the power goes out, but it never occurred to me that its coming back on might start a house fire until my friend Dolores told me about a close call she’d had when her power went out during a bad storm last week. Here’s what happened:

Dolores had put a big pot of water on her glass-topped stove to heat for pasta for her supper when her power went out. When it didn’t come back on in a couple of hours, she did the sensible thing and went upstairs to bed. But she forgot that the burner was still, technically, on. Sometime during the night, the power came back on… and so did the stove. When Dolores came back downstairs in the morning, she found a ruined pan and a mess on the stovetop (which fortunately came off).

As Dolores said, she lost her big pot, but was fortunate not to have cracked the glass stovetop or, worse, started a house fire. “Thank goodness it was a full pot of water, and not just a little in the pot for something like asparagus,” she said.

I had never thought about this possibility before. We have a gas stove, and if the power goes off while I’m cooking, the gas flame doesn’t go out with it. So I’ll bring in some Coleman battery-powered lanterns, finish cooking the meal, and we’ll eat by candle- and lantern light. But if your stove is electric, be forewarned: Make sure those burners get turned off if the power goes out!

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