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Old times there are not forgotten. April 28, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben and Silence Dogood are both native Nashvillians, and though we have lived in scenic Pennsylvania for most of our adult lives, we remain tied to the South through our immediate and extended families, friends, and blogging friends throughout the area. We have close family in Tennessee, Alabama, and Washington, D.C., all areas involved with the devastating tornadoes and flooding that have swept and are sweeping through the South yesterday and today.

As we look outside our Pennsylvania windows at the winds flailing branches and the rain hurtling down, we can only imagine the terror of those farther South, especially in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where a mile-wide tornado left devastation—and at least 128 dead throughout the state—in its wake. Needless to say, we’ll be manning the phones at a more reasonable hour to call our families and make sure they’re all right.

For all of you who are facing or have faced this horrendous storm, our thoughts and prayers are with you. And for those whom we’ve come to know and love through your garden blogs, please check in and let us know how you and your gardens came through!



1. Gail - April 28, 2011

Silence and OFB, I cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of loss and devastation. Words fail me, but, my heart goes out to the families and the communities going through it all. I am so glad your families are safe. We had a lot of rain and wind; nothing really in the scheme of things. gail

Hi Gail! Thanks for checking in. My father said much the same thing about Nashville. After last year’s devastating floods, it was so good to hear you all had been spared this year!

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