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Vote for Shiloh! May 2, 2011

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Our friend Ben and Silence Dogood would like to urge anyone within easy driving distance of Kutztown, Lyons, and/or Fleetwood, PA, to head into the local branch of the Fleetwood Bank this month and contribute a dollar to fight human and canine cancer in the name of our beloved black German shepherd, Pioneer Hawk’s Haven Shiloh von Shiloh Special.

This is the second year that Shiloh, just turned two, has participated in the Fleetwood Bank’s “Paws for a Cause” campaign to raise money for a cause that claimed the lives of her two predecessors (our beloved golden retrievers Annie and Molly, who died of bone and liver cancer, respectively) and of pretty much every one of our family members now deceased (lymphoma, melanoma, lung cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer…). To say that we feel strongly about cancer and its effects on the lives of families and their pets doesn’t even begin to capture what we feel. We’re so happy that Shiloh has a chance to raise money for cancer-stricken pets and people in a way we never would (not being nearly as photogenic).

Here’s how it works: Next time you go into a branch of the Fleetwood Bank—and yes, it’s super-local and there are only the three branches—you can donate money, from a dollar up, in the name of the dog whose photo you deem to be most appealing. At the end of the month, the total amount of money donated is tallied up and one of the dogs wins! Er, what do they win? We don’t know. Maybe just the warm glow of knowing they’ve helped to raise money for a wonderful cause.

If you bank at one of the Fleetwood Bank branches, you can submit your pooch’s photo to see if you (or s/he) can help raise money for the cause. If you live elsewhere, consider urging your own local bank to host a photo donation like this one. We can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to see people contributing for such a great cause because they love your dog!

And no, Shiloh didn’t win last year. We doubt she’ll win this year. But what a great feeling it is to see at least some people warming to our most-beloved dog. (We can’t resist stopping in weekly to see how she’s doing, and of course, we have to contribute our own dollars as well on her behalf. All in a good cause!) And knowing that every dollar contributed for every dog finds its way to help fund research for a cure to stop the suffering for both people and their beloved dogs is priceless!

So vote for Shiloh! Or your dog of choice. But please, donate to Paws for a Cause. Cancer in its myriad forms is the great evil of our day. Whatever we can do to combat it is a blow for all those we hold dear, be they human or canine.



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