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Mother’s Day is for everyone. May 8, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in pets, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Today, Sunday, May 8, is Mother’s Day. (For sock-haters like our friend Ben, it also happens to be National No Socks Day. Bare feet, rejoice!)

Mother’s Day seems like a straightforwardly joyous occasion. Everybody has a mother, right? Why not celebrate everything she means and has meant to you on this holiday? Give her a call, get her a card and a bouquet or a flowering plant, take her out to supper, send the kids to Grandma’s and give her the day off. Buy her a spa day or a gift certificate to one of her favorite stores. Bear in mind that moms love jewelry, too. Hire a maid service. Set up a romantic weekend getaway or a fun family outing to the zoo, a historic site, a scenic destination. But for pity’s sake, do something.

So far, so easy. The trouble comes when your most-beloved Mama has died, like our friend Ben’s or our friend Rob’s or our friends Rudy, Carolyn and Fritzie’s, so Mother’s Day becomes a painful reminder rather than an occasion for joy. Or if you’re childless, and not by your own choice, like yours truly. Or if you’ve lost a child through miscarriage, premature death, or (God forfend) abortion. Then how do you celebrate? Do you hole up in your house with the curtains drawn until this particular Sunday is over?

Our friend Ben and I emphatically say no. Every year, we celebrate and honor the memory of OFB’s Mama and our own beloved grandmothers by setting aside time to look at photos and recall precious family memories. Every year, we celebrate the motherhood of our siblings, relatives, and friends, calling, e-mailing, and writing to make sure they know we hold them in our hearts and celebrate along with them. And every year, our adored black German shepherd, Shiloh, “buys” me a special Mother’s Day present (with some help from OFB) as a precious reminder that all women are mothers in our hearts, if not in our bodies.

Happy Mother’s Day!

               ‘Til next time,




1. Becca - May 8, 2011

Thanks, Silence. Have been thinking about this a lot this year. For some reason, not being a mother is irritating me a bit more this year than usual. 🙂

Forfend?? Another word that has escaped my vocabulary! Thanks for introducing it! 🙂

Thanks, Becca! It can certainly get to you. Thank goodness love is unlimited and can be spread to all in a motherly way! I generally prefer “forfend” (proctect,defend us from) to “forbid” (deny it). Enjoy!

2. h.ibrahim - May 9, 2011

Absolutely! I think everyone is a mother! One looks after and advises one’s friend/sister’s children who love one in the same way and often with far more affection and that too is a compliment to the mothers. One looks after animals like a mother and is loved in return with a devotion and loyalty that even human children cannot display all the time.

Thanks, Huma. Beautifully put!

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