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Revenge best served cold. June 13, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in Ben Franklin, wit and wisdom.
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Aaaarrrr!!! Yaaarrrr!!! It’s me, Richard Saunders of Poor Richard’s Almanac fame, here today with good news for pirate lovers everywhere: Blackbeard’s flagship, the famous Queen Anne’s Revenge, has been found.

Actually, it was found 15 years ago, off the coast at Fort Macon, North Carolina. But, and in spite of accounts of the exact location of its shipwreck (strangely, it ran aground on a sand bar in 1718, leading to Blackbeard’s defeat and death; some historians speculate that Blackbeard, aka Captain Edward Teach, ran the Revenge aground deliberately as a battle tactic), North Carolina’s Department of Cultural Resources wouldn’t declare its identification until now. “Ending 15 years of uncertainty,” as our local paper put it.

Admittedly, when I looked at the photo of a ship’s deck accompanying the announcement, I thought the North Carolinians had been right to refrain from making the ID, since I found it challenging to believe that Blackbeard would have had three plastic lawn chairs lined up against the Revenge’s starboard rail. But after reading the caption, I saw with great relief that the ship in the photo was actually a research vessel, the Dan Moore, and Blackbeard’s 3,000-pound anchor was being brought aboard. It’s just one of tens of thousands of artifacts that have been recovered from the ship over the years, which, as the article says, “fit the origins of the ship, the crew and the places it was known to have visited.”

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Taking 15 years to positively identify Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge is surely living up to that proverb. No doubt our hero and blog mentor here at Poor Richard’s Almanac, the great Benjamin Franklin—no slouch himself when it came to coining proverbs—would approve. 

Now haul old Anne up and let us take a look at ‘er. And move it, lubbers, we don’t have another 15 years to kick our heels while yer ditherin’. You savvy?


                                   Richard Saunders





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