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Flower power. June 26, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in critters, gardening, homesteading.
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Once again, nature has stepped in to create a fabulous landscape effect here at Hawk’s Haven that wouldn’t have occurred to our friend Ben and Silence Dogood. We have a row of red-throated orange daylilies along one side of our parking square. Below them, along one side of our patio, a red-orange trumpet vine clambers over a stack of wood so ancient that both it and the trumpet vine were here when we bought the property. And behind that, across our little stream, Hawk Run, we’ve planted elderberries on the stream bank.

At this time of year, and for perhaps two or three weeks thereafter, the three are simultaneously in bloom. The effect is truly stunning, with the clouds of massed, fragrant white elderberry blossoms backing the abundant fireworks and color echoes of the trumpets and daylilies.

Impressive as the display is, it also creates a sort of secret garden effect, since it can only be seen in its entirety from certain bedroom and mudroom windows and from the parking square. And there’s the added benefit of ruby-throated hummingbirds at the trumpet flowers and beneficial insects pollinating the elderberries, plus, of course, the promise of an abundant berry harvest ahead. Even the clusters of elderflowers can be used to make wine, and, of course, daylily flower buds are edible, apparently excellent in stir-fries. But frankly, we’d rather leave all our flowers where we (and our fellow creatures) can enjoy them in the garden. 

Thanks, Mother Nature! We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.



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