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Why are JABO marbles so famous? July 9, 2011

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Our friend Ben thought this reader query was funny at first, but then I realized that it was no laughing matter. People didn’t realize why JABO marbles weren’t like other marbles. People needed to know.

All righty, then. JABO marbles are, first of all, so famous because of the genius of their creator, David McCullough, and his talented crew. No machine-made marbles, not even the revered Akro, Peltier, and etc., marbles, have ever approached JABOs for their colorful complexity.

JABO marbles are, secondly, so famous because Dave McCullough and company had the brilliant idea of producing limited runs of marbles for private investors, using different materials to make sure each run was different and giving them all catchy names. This made them exclusive, interesting, limited, and extremely collectible.

Finally, JABO marbles are so famous because of the efforts of marble historians like Steve Sturtz, aka Dr. JABO, whose books and articles chronicle the history and thinking behind these marvelous marbles. It’s exciting to live in a time when marble history is being simultaneously made and documented for posterity.

‘Nuff said?



1. Steve Sturtz - July 10, 2011

Thank you my marble buddy and friend Ben!

The runs are named by the individual groups of investors. It has been said that not everyone can get into a run. That is not the case. Call or write me and I will tell you how. It is cheaper than you think and an awful lot more fun than you ever imagined.

This all may have changed last Wed/ Thurs when Fenton shut down their glass making operation.Now, finding good cullet will become progressively harder and more expensive.

David’s long term goals of keeping the jobs on shore and making the prettiest marbles ever made have been reached. Hopefully pricing will stay favorable enough so he can continue.

I would be happy to answer any marble questions I can for anyone. My friend Ben knows I am only a short horseback ride away and would be happy to give you directions.

Thanks again Ben,

Regards, Steve

Thanks so much, Steve! Anyone wanting to contact Steve (aka Dr. JABO) directly can e-mail him at nddomer@hotmail.com.

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