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WordPress gone awry. August 12, 2011

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We apologize to all readers of our blog for what seems to have happened to it. The blog’s design has vanished, and everyone is being treated to a coarse, primitive printout-like version that requires them to read at a line width that’s been proven to be pretty much impossible for most people to sustain. (Our friend Ben should know, I’m an editor who’s worked with book designers all my life.) We’ll try to find out what’s going on and get back with an answer; or perhaps the blog will resurrect itself in the format in which we created it. Meanwhile, please bear with us. We’re so sorry!



1. mr_subjunctive - August 12, 2011

It must have gotten fixed since you posted this, ’cause it looks back to normal to me.

Thanks so much for letting us know, Mr. S.! It’s still in godawful unformatted form from our end. WordPress’s help site says all their staff are at a conference until 8/15 and unavailable to answer questions, so I was about ready to kill myself. I guess it doesn’t matter what we see as long as what readers see looks like a normal post format.

2. Jean - August 13, 2011

It looks fine to me, too. I’ve had this problem on occasion when my computer is having trouble loading the blog. (But I’ve also had the experience of WordPress discontinuing my theme without notice and substituting something that messed up all my formatting.) Good luck getting it sorted out.

Thanks for checking in, Jean! Whatever happened yesterday does appear to have fixed itself. My great fear was exactly as you say, that WordPress had simply discontinued my theme, which I feel is essential to the blog’s almanac concept. Thank heavens that didn’t happen!

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