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Quivering bloody sushi. August 13, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Fans of one of our favorite movies, “The Running Man,” will recognize the title of today’s post; everyone else needs to rent/stream “The Running Man!” It was the first film to take on the issue of the dangers posed by abuses of altering digital images, back when few people in the general public even knew that such a thing was possible. Ironically from the perspective of today’s post topic, its successor in bringing this topic into the present was “Rising Sun.” 

And speaking of today’s post topic, let’s get to it: Last night, our friend Ben was enjoying a guys’ night out. So when my friend Huma providentially called and offered to come down and take me out to dinner with her sons Rashu and Sasha, I was thrilled. We decided to go to my favorite local Chinese/Japanese/Thai place, Wild Rice. Trying to resist the enticements of delicious but calorie-laden General Tso’s tofu, I ordered mapo tofu (aka Szechuan bean curd). Sasha chose a Japanese option and went for one of the bento boxes. As anyone who’s seen one might expect, when the bento plate arrived, everything on it was exquisitely presented. But the most beautiful thing on the plate was the sushi.

Rashu and Sasha love sushi. I have many friends who love sushi. My brother loves sushi. But me, I’ve always viewed sushi with profound suspicion. Of course, I’m a vegetarian, so all that raw-fish stuff is out from the word go. But I worry about the potential of parasites like flukes lurking in the fish and infesting innocent diners. And yes, I know that there are actually vegetarian sushi rolls. But most contain avocado, which I loathe.

And then there’s the seaweed thing. I love salt, and I love greens, so seaweed per se isn’t the issue. It’s what we’ve done to seaweed by polluting our oceans with every sort of toxic waste. Seaweeds are the lungs of the sea, the air filters, so to speak. They clear the water of toxins by absorbing them. And then we obligingly eat them. This may seem like a fitting punishment for our environmental crimes, but please. Until somebody figures out how to restore seaweeds to a chemical-free status, I’d prefer to pass.

But anyway, there I was enjoying my mapo tofu and admiring Sasha’s beautiful sushi, when he announced that he was too full to eat another bite. Would I like to try a piece of sushi? He assured me it was 100% vegetarian. Gads, the temptation. The pieces were small and perfect. I love the wasabi and pink pickled ginger that accompanies sushi. Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Well, what the hell. I accepted Sasha’s offer and ate my first piece of sushi, ever, under Rashu’s careful guidance. (“It’s considered extremely rude if you don’t eat the entire piece in a single bite.” Thank God the pieces were small!) And know what? It was delicious.

Today, our friend Ben and I have a whole precious day to ourselves before heading off to friends’ for supper. I’m still thinking about that piece of sushi, so maybe I’ll take OFB to my second-favorite Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurant, Bamboo, for lunch, since I have coupons off there. I suspect he’ll order his favorite, a Thai curry. And normally I’d order a Chinese tofu dish or a vegetarian Thai dish. But today, if I can persuade him to go, I just might order vegetable tempura (which I love but eat about once a decade) with sticky rice and a vegetable sushi roll. OFB might even join me.

I have yet to master chopsticks, but one step at a time…

                     ‘Til next time,




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