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Poor Barack’s Almanac. September 3, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in Ben Franklin, wit and wisdom.
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Really, people, this is too much. Someone came to our blog, Poor Richard’s—that would be, ahem, Richard’s—Almanac yesterday searching for Poor Barack’s Almanac.

Now we understand that Obama supporters probably think “poor Barack” every time he’s attacked by one or both parties for his perceived failings, which apparently include everything from the recession to taking a family vacation to the rising cost of toilet paper.

Whatever the case, if someone’s chronicled all these misfortunes in Poor Barack’s Almanac, we aren’t aware of it. But we do think it would make a very witty book.

We seem to recall that “Be careful what you wish for” is a Chinese proverb, and both our current and previous Presidents are excellent exemplars of that. Ron Paul, be warned! Speak your mind, speak your truth, but pray to God you don’t get elected and end up pilloried like W and Obama.

Our friend Ben’s arch-conservative brother famously remarked toward the end of W’s tenure that, if an asteroid hit the Earth, it would be blamed on Bush. These days, if an asteroid hit the Earth, no doubt certain talk show hatemongers would try to pin the blame on Poor Barack.

We find none of this mindless, self-serving hatred helpful; it is ripping our country apart and making us vulnerable, not to mention international laughingstocks. We suggest instead returning to the vast wisdom of our hero and blog mentor, the great Benjamin Franklin, who strove all his life to reconcile differences and showcase commonalities, to build bridges, to stress the things we share rather than the things that divide us.

Old Ben said, “There are no small enemies.” Which means that not one of us can afford to make the seemingly most insignificant person an enemy, for who knows when that person might transform into a Genghis Khan, a Napoleon, and rend us? Or into, say, the head of a great corporation where we find ourselves needing a job.

Politics is a very dirty job indeed, where slinging mud seems to get candidates farther than building trust through speaking truth, being fair-minded, and creating realistic programs. Poor Barack. We feel for him.



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