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Gack, they’re baaaack! September 23, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in critters, homesteading, wit and wisdom.
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Stinkbugs, that is. Silence Dogood here. Fall has definitely arrived here in our part of scenic PA: the corn and soybean fields are turning gold, walnuts are littering the ground, and night temperatures are dipping into the 40s. It gets dark early and stays dark late. Our friend Ben and I are hopeful that the reign of terror brought on by the wet summer, in the form of a plague of mosquitoes, will soon draw to a close.

But as one plague ends, another begins. Longtime readers know of my hatred of stinkbugs, so you can imagine my horror when I looked out our deck door and saw the first stinkbug of fall clinging to it. Then I saw three more on the kitchen window. “BENNNN!!!”

Mind you, to my knowledge, stinkbugs carry no diseases like West Nile virus or malaria that they can transmit to people or animals. Unlike mosquitoes, they won’t suck your blood. Nor are they likely to bite you. The reasons I loathe them are a) their en-masse migration into the house when the weather turns cold, which is pretty much impossible to prevent, and b) their modus operandi once in the house.

You see, the brown, shield-shaped stinkbugs lurk unobtrusively on doorframes, curtains, and the like. Then they suddenly blast off, with a roaring buzz, and crash-land, usually on your shirt, pillow, or other way-too-close location. Not only does the abrupt takeoff and landing scare the life out of sensitive souls like yours truly, but you then have to deal with getting rid of said stinkbug. Apparently, if you crush them, they emit their trademark stink. I’ve never tried this, instead grabbing the offender and tossing it out the door.

Needless to say, given the number of stinkbugs, this activity keeps me pretty busy in the fall and winter. And grabbing a live bug with my bare hand is not, to say the least, my preferred mode of entertainment. Eeeewwww!!!!

To add insult to injury, there are still plenty of mosquitoes hovering around, too, making life miserable for us and our black German shepherd, Shiloh. Too bad stinkbugs don’t eat mosquitoes, and vice-versa. Looks like we’re in for a really long fall. 

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1. pixilated2 - September 23, 2011

You need a bug vac. A little hand held bug catcher/vacuum that sucks those puppies up! You don’t even have to touch them.

My suggestion, once you have them caught would be to empty them into a little bucket of soapy water which could later be dumped out on the back forty…

~ Lynda
PS: I have never heard (OK, seen) anyone, besides myself, use the expression ‘GACK’ before. Ha-ha-ha! 🙂

Great idea, Lynda, many thanks! I’m assuming you can buy bug vacs at places like hardware stores and Tractor Supply? As for “gack,” such a useful word, expressing a higher level of disgust-to-suprise than “ack.” But I’m fond of both!

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