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The wit and wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. September 24, 2011

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It’s me, Richard Saunders of Poor Richard’s Almanac fame, here today to celebrate this blog’s hero and blog mentor, the great Benjamin Franklin, by sharing a few of my favorite of old Ben’s sayings. Doctor Franklin had an unparalled understanding of human nature, and the ability to compress a great deal of wisdom into a single witty, memorable sentence, as you’re about to see.

Let’s find out what Ben has to share with us today:

“He that speaks much, is much mistaken.”

“Three good meals a day is bad living.”

“Who is rich? He that rejoices in his portion.”

“A good example is the best sermon.”

“He that lives upon hope will die fasting.”

“The discontented man finds no easy chair.”

“Love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge.”

“A man who is wrapped up in himself makes a very small package.”

“Fear not death, for the sooner we die, the longer we shall be immortal.”

Ben died an old man, but I’m willing to bet he didn’t fear death—he was probably looking forward to exploring all the wonders and phenomena on the other side just as he’d done while on Earth. He certainly succeeded in gaining immortality, however, here among us if not in the afterlife.

Please share your favorite Ben Franklin quotes with us!




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