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White lights or colored lights? December 9, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Yesterday, our spring water guy arrived at Hawk’s Haven with our December delivery. After bringing in the water cases, he turned a critical eye on our Christmas display, looking over our lavishly ornamented tree, wreath, fireplace extravaganza, and snow scene (featuring an ornament that looks like our black German shepherd, Shiloh). Then he turned back to us with a look of strong disapproval and said, “Don’t you like colored lights?”

Silence Dogood and our friend Ben have discussed this very issue many times. Actually, we do like colored lights. But we like them in other people’s houses. We love driving around this time of year, enjoying the Christmas displays outside people’s homes featuring either white or colored lights. (None of those hideous blow-up Santas, snow globes, and so on, though, please. They ruin everything!) We love seeing Christmas trees with colored lights in the homes of family and friends (including our friend and fellow blog contributor, Richard Saunders), and in Christmas movies.

But our tree and wreath have tiny white lights. We love the soft glow they cast on the room, and we think they highlight the greenery and ornaments better than colored lights do. They also remind us of stars, like the star that led three Wise Men to a manger in Bethlehem on the very first Christmas.

Of course, we get our colored-light fix every time we look out the deck door at the festive strings of red, green and yellow chile pepper lights. Their colors certainly add a Christmasy touch to our deck railing. One year, a friend gave us a live Christmas tree, which we set up on the deck and adorned with unbreakable ornaments. If we ever have another one out there, maybe we’d get some colored lights for it to complement the chile lights. That would be a sight to behold!

There’s really only one color of Christmas lights that we don’t like: blue. Every now and then we see all-blue lights on trees as we’re driving around, and they always strike us as sad and spooky rather than festive. But even blue has been rehabilitated for us since those super-soft blue LED lights came on the scene. An outdoor tree festooned with those soft blue lights is actually beautiful. Seeing one transports us to the quiet of deep winter, when the full moon casts a soft blue glow on snowdrifts.

So, people, cast your vote: white lights, colored lights, or both?



1. Jennie - December 9, 2011

Both – white lights inside, colored outside.

Good call, Jennie!

2. NancyO - December 12, 2011

I don’t get to vote on the color of our Christmas tree lights, which are one of several heritage items that Bob loves (and are bright colors, including blue.) However, since Christmas almost always overlaps Chanukkah, my holiday, the Festival of Lights, I decided that any other holiday lights in or on our house would be tiny white lights. They look pretty strung along the outlines of our front windows. Two houses ago, when we had a front porch, we used them as porch lights, set on a timer.

Thanks, Nancy! We appreciate sentiment; OFB still has his first Christmas stocking (from when he was two months old) to this day, and proudly puts it up on the mantel every year. So colored lights are great if they’re Bob’s happy lights. But we’re with you on the tiny white lights otherwise!

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