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A pleasing shame. December 14, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Here at Poor Richard’s Almanac, we blog thanks to WordPress, and to keep our posts clean, they provide us with the Akismet spam filter. Every day, we sort through the spam filter’s gleanings and, usually, delete them. Every now and then, they label something as spam that needs to be posted as a legitimate comment, so we keep an eye out for those. And occasionally, as today, they capture such preposterous spam comments that we simply can’t resist sharing them with you.

One comment noted that we “are just too magnificent.” Why thank you! And surely our magnificence is entirely warranted, wouldn’t you say? We just can’t help ourselves.

Then there was this: “It’s a pleasing shame you don’t apply a money switch!” Uh, say what?! All we could think of was a scene in the “Robin Hood” series we’ve been watching thanks to Netflix, where the Sheriff of Nottingham tosses sacks of gold coins down a shute, and Robin and his gang throw a switch that diverts them into the merry band’s coffers. Let’s just say that if anyone cares to throw bags of money in our direction, we’d be thrilled to follow suit.

Finally, we have this gem: “My Amish friendship turned green, why?” We, er, don’t know why anybody’s friendship would turn green, and whether that’s a good sign (environmentally) or a bad one (mold).

We suppose that, on the whole, a friendship turned green strikes us, in our magnificence, as a pleasing shame.



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