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Did you decorate this year? December 22, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Our friend Ben and I have been delighting in our Christmas decorations since we began putting them up the first Sunday of Advent, and we’ve added to the display every weekend since. First thing every morning, we plug in the lights on our Christmas tree, wreath, and schwiboggen (a delightful carved German winter scene). We light some Christmas incense, put on some Christmas music from our extensive collection, and revel in the joy of the season until bedtime forces us to turn it all off, at least until morning.

Our Christmas decorations aren’t just a knee-jerk response to the season here at Hawk’s Haven. Each and every ornament has been selected by us with delight, from deathless vintage ornaments from the first half of the 20th Century to antique ornaments to handcrafted ornaments from around the world. Other ornaments have been given us by friends and family, and we recall the origins of each one fondly as we place it on the tree or fireplace display. Taking each ornament from its box and reminiscing about it is one of our happiest Christmas traditions.

Decorating—and enjoying the delights of our decorated home—is such a joyful experience for us that we’ve been dismayed to find that so many of our friends and neighbors have opted to skip decorating this year. “I don’t have time to decorate; I’m cleaning the house.” “We’re going away for the holidays anyway, so why bother?” “I’m too depressed to decorate.” “We just didn’t get around to it this year.” “I’m doing some renovations and don’t want to clutter the workmen’s access to the house with a tree.” “This is such a busy time at work, I’d never be at home to enjoy the decorations anyway.” “I’m no good at decorating.”

Sheesh. This epidemic of non-decorating is so rampant among our nearest and dearest this year that we’ve taken to inviting them over (or, in the case of one neighbor, dragging them over) just so they can spend a little time surrounded by the color and wonder of Christmas, basking in the glow of Christmas lights, without the “stress” of putting up their own. Watching them disappear from our kitchen table after a meal, and wandering out to the living room to find them standing entranced in front of the tree, adds a little extra joy to our own Christmas.

But, of course, we’re wondering if this is just happening to our own circle, or if it reflects a nationwide trend. Are hard times getting people so down they don’t feel like decorating? (We think that’s the most important time to bring some delight into our homes.) Have people become too busy to bother? Do people think the only reason to decorate is if there are young children in the house?

Please help us out here! Did you decorate this year? And if not, why not?

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1. pixilated2 - December 22, 2011

Nope, it’s everywhere. Us included. I have a wreath on the door and my favorite NOEL sign made of tooled metal letters and framed in red, but that’s more for appearances I think…

Our nation as a whole is sitting on the brink. We feel nervous and saddened by our/the worlds economy. It is hard to become enthused by trappings when we can’t even afford the gifts.

And yes, we are actually in process of repairs and painting too. So I suppose, in a way, we are “decorating” just not for *Christmas.

Maybe next year we’ll all feel better and more in to it? ~ Lynda

*Remembering of course that there is more to Christ Mass than trimmings… and hoping this isn’t coming across as barking when it is just an honest answer to your question.

Many Blessings to you and yours! 😉

Hi Lynda! Thanks for responding! I think lots of folks are responding as you all are this year; certainly that’s been our experience. We, too, have to choose between giving (and, shriek, sending) gifts to others and gifting each other and of course we’ve chosen the former. But fortunately we already have our tree and ornaments, so we’re able to brighten our cottage home without spending additional money, in desperately short supply, to do so. We also agree that the economy is teetering, creating a sense of uncertainty and potential panic not seen since the Great Depression. All the more reason to make the season bright, we think. But we also look, like you, to next Christmas and hope the economic outlook will be brighter, and make it possible for more people to enter into the holiday spirit. Meanwhile, a bright and blessed Christmas to you and yours!

pixilated2 - December 23, 2011

Thank you! I was hoping you wouldn’t think I was barking at you. 😉

BTW, I always check the “notify me via email” box below my comments to you, but I never get the email. Why is that do you suppose? ~ L

No worries, Lynda! And the reason you don’t get notified is simple: It’s because we respond at the end of your original comment itself, rather than as a separate response. We don’t feel quite right about swelling our comments numbers with our own comments, so we do it this way.

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