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Puppy lust. January 7, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in homesteading, pets, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Puppy lust is a terrible thing, at least when you live in a small cottage with a huge black German shepherd and three large cats, not to mention a parrot, three parakeets, and fish. Still, if you love dogs, you know how irresistible it is.

Our beautiful girl, Pioneer Hawk’s Haven Shiloh von Shiloh Special, will turn three this coming February 8. Shiloh’s still very much a puppy at heart, but the days of the adorable huge, floppy fruit-bat ears (it takes a while for German shepherd ears to rise) are long past. (Which is not to say that Shiloh’s ears aren’t still amazingly huge.) Shiloh is the happiest dog our friend Ben and I have ever seen. But wouldn’t she be even happier with a new puppy to play with?! 

This question arose again yesterday when OFB and I went to our tiny, local, dog-friendly bank. We of course took Shiloh with us. (She participates in their pet and people cancer fundraiser every year, and all the tellers know and love her.) I went in first, then returned to the car while OFB and Shiloh took their turn and Shiloh shamelessly cadged not one but two treats.

When they returned, the conversation went like this:

Our friend Ben: Gee, the teller mentioned that her fiance just got a black German shepherd puppy.

Silence: What!!! Where did he get it?!!!

OFB, frantically backpedalling: Uh, I don’t know. It didn’t occur to me to ask.

Silence: WHAT?!!!

OFB: Er, what difference does it make? We can’t afford a new puppy anyway, and we don’t have room for one, either. You know that… 

Silence (ignoring this): Which teller was it?

OFB: The young blonde on the far left.

Silence: I know her. I’ll ask her next time I’m in. Maybe the breeder is local. Maybe I can talk her into bringing in some puppy pictures, or at least sharing the breeder’s website.

OFB: Aaaagghhhh!!!!

Silence (innocently): Well, Ben, as you say, we can’t afford a puppy. So what harm can it do?

OFB: Silence, we don’t have room for another dog!

Silence: Well, what about a Shiba Inu, then? They’re hardly bigger than our cats. And think how beautiful a white Shiba would look with our black Shiloh!

OFB: Say, did you happen to read that piece on Yahoo about why longterm relationships break up?



Oh, well. It was worth a try! And I think I’ll still have a chat with that teller.

Do you have puppy lust? And if so, what kind of puppy are you lusting after? Please share with us! I love to picture adorable puppy faces.

               ‘Til next time,




1. mr_subjunctive - January 7, 2012

We stopped at the animal shelter in Iowa City on Wednesday looking for a muzzle for Sheba (the thinking being that maybe if she were muzzled, we might be able to trim her toenails ourselves). No luck with the muzzles, but there was a 3-month old bulldog/heeler mix (go here and click “dogs” in the left margin; the dog in question is Milo. He photographed a lot meaner for them than he appears in person.) who was very friendly and quiet, and I felt bad for him because his neighbors were being deafeningly loud, and Milo and I sort of bonded.

We can’t afford another dog either, alas, and I’m not sure the husband was as much of a fan as I was anyway, so Milo was probably never seriously under consideration, but I do relate to the feeling of wanting another dog.

Hey, Mr S.! I can sympathize; we haven’t managed to trim Shiloh’s toenails ourselves, either. We followed the recommendations to constantly touch her paws, nails and toes (as well as teeth, ears, and etc.) when she was a puppy so she wouldn’t mind being handled, so it’s really our fault for being squeamish rather than hers for resisting. Milo looks very personable, an all-round good dog, so I’m sorry if you don’t end up bringing him home. We were so lucky when we had our Molly, since our neighbor got a big, squshy golden retriever pup just when I was craving another one, and we could transfer our puppy lust onto him. For a while, anyway. But now here we are again. By the way, if we ever do get a Shiba Inu, no doubt we’ll name her Sheba, too…

2. WhiteFang - January 8, 2012

Well, my lust is rather… general in nature. =P I basically love all pups, especially ones I see prancing on the street. If I could, I’d just take them all home. Or pitch camp with them on the street. Whichever. Even though I’m now far from home and live in a hostel, my parents still continue to care for one or the other dogs/pups back home and the entire trend was started by me. xD My mom always disliked dogs and she got fed up when this one stray bitch would give birth in the back of our large garden every year. So much to my chagrin, we decided to shift to another house in the campus. And you know what? She found her way there, too. And she gives birth every year in our garden, still. =) The litter is always gorgeous. Two boys of hers who couldn’t be adopted out just live at our place, too. My own adopted stray, Rex, isn’t quite fond of them lounging in the HQ of his territory, so there’s some animosity at times, but nothing too serious. I’ll give links to some of favorites 🙂 :

My dear Rex;

One who was just called “Puppy-chan”;

And another one:

Hi WhiteFang! What a story! Thanks for sharing the photos. Your Rex has such a wonderful face!

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