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Eye on the sky. February 27, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Hey everybody, look up! There’s a wonderful astronomical configuration going on right now that even those of us who are seriously challenged skywatchers like yours truly can enjoy.

Our friend Ben has seen exactly one falling star. I’ve seen the Northern Lights just once (in Virginia, of all places). So I was especially thrilled to see the moon, Jupiter and Venus come together in the night sky on Saturday night, a crescent moon with the two bright planets to its left. It’s a beautiful, awesome sight, and you should be able to see it all week if your night skies are clear. I’m sure ancient astrologers would have attached all sorts of arcane significance to a spectacular configuration like this, but fortunately, we can just look up and enjoy the view.

If you’re looking for more thrills, I’ve read that Saturn is rising brilliantly in the night sky to the east (the moon, Jupiter and Venus are in the West), but I haven’t yet been lucky enough to see it. Maybe tonight…


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