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Waiter, there’s a finger in my soup. March 6, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in pets, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. I was heating a bowl of my homemade soup in an ovenproof single-serving dish, and I was getting hungrier by the minute. Was it hot enough yet? Cautiously, I stuck a finger into the soup to check. Ouch! Yes, it was definitely good and hot. I absentmindedly put my finger in my mouth as I reached for the hot mitt with the other hand and…

YUCK!!! That had to be the most bitter, disgusting-tasting soup I’d ever put in my mouth. What on earth could I have put in it to make it taste so bad? And, worse still, I’d made a big pot so I’d have plenty for lunch all week. Not only that, but it was chock-full of yummy, healthy ingredients. I just couldn’t throw it out.

Heaving a martyr’s sigh, I put the bowl on a plate, picked up a spoon and napkin, and sat down to try to force a little down. But on the way to the table, I recalled that I’d had this same soup for lunch the previous day, and it had been delicious. Tentatively trying a spoon of today’s soup, I braced myself for the horrible taste and… it was delicious. Two more dubious spoonfuls… delicious. What the bleep?!

The difference between the first taste and all the others, I belatedly realized, was the finger. The same finger that had been dampened earlier while I was spraying a dog-chewing deterrent called Fooey! on our living-room rug in yet another (doubtless futile) attempt to discourage our beloved but incorrigible black German shepherd, Shiloh, from chewing on it. After spraying it on and blotting up a little Fooey! that had ended up on the wood floor, I’d washed my hands and forgotten all about it. Until, that is, I inadvertently tasted it myself. 

In case you’ve ever tried using one of those sprays like Bitter Apple and wondered if it really was bitter, in the case of Fooey!, at least, the answer is definitely yes. And clearly a little soap and water isn’t enough to remove that taste. Is it bitter enough to deter a determined dog? Probably not. But if you have a nail-biting problem, or are trying to keep a child from sucking his or her thumb, it’s certainly bitter enough for people!*

               ‘Til next time,


* Please check with your doctor before trying this at home.



1. pixilated2 - March 8, 2012

Do you know how hard it is NOT to laugh out loud when your husband is in the next room and already asleep?

Hard. Very hard. ~ Lynda

Ha! Now you’ve made ME laugh.

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