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A really cool terrarium tool. April 1, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in gardening, wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Okay, it’s not actually a tool, but it really is cool: It’s a solar-powered canning jar lid light.

Our friend Ben and I had stopped in at a new gardening store in the nearby town of Kutztown, PA, determined to support local businesses, even on our feeble budget. The store, The Companion Plant (www.thecompanionplant.com), turned out to be a surprise. Instead of the usual array of lawn art and high-end pots, it was a very spare, Zen-like space devoted to some of our favorite organic fertilizers (including the classic International House of Guano, also available through Worm’s Way, www.wormsway.com) and halogen lamps for hydroponic growers.

We checked everything out, bought some packets of locally-grown seeds, and noted that they had lectures on Japanese-style natural gardening (which we plan to attend). But the coolest thing they had by far and away were these solar-powered canning jar lids, selling for $10 each. The Companion Plant had them on blue canning jars, with potting medium and moss inside. It was incredibly cool to see these illuminated jars and know that the source of the illumination was the sun.

Sadly, we didn’t have a spare $10 to purchase a solar lid (though I do have some blue canning jars), so we left with just the seeds. But I’ve been thinking about those beautiful, spare terrariums ever since. They were amazingly beautiful. I love terrariums, and someday soon I’ll be heading out there to get one of those lids.

For those of you who love terrariums but don’t live near Kutztown, you can contact The Companion Plant at 610-683-9676 or e-mail at companionplant@gmail.com. Their lid price is way lower than anything else I’ve been able to find online. Enjoy yourselves, and let me know what you plant and how it does!  

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